display ad and cold traffic

Display Ad and Cold Traffic

What are display ad and cold traffic you should know?

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to tap online traffic beyond well-known SEO and PPC techniques. How does one do this? By exploring cold traffic advertising.  Display ads are taking over the world now and slowly television ads are going to fade.  Display ads are easy to make and test.  You can have your ads display on any website you choose.  Traffic can come instantly and you just have to bid in impressions to bring cold traffic to your target websites.

What is a display ad?

Display ads pop up at the bottom or right side of a web page. They’re common in tabloid websites due to the high amount of traffic they draw every day. 

 In the past few years, people started to realize 96% of all visitors do not make the decision to purchase when they first visited the site.  The study  also indicated that your prospective customers must see your ad at least 7 times before they buy from you.  That’s why your business needs display ads.

Display ads are bid in impressions and the process of bidding is very much the same as PPC.  At this writing, display ads are still in its infancy and most businesses do not realize the power of display advertising.  They still pay for pay per click or SEO.  

So how do you get into display advertising?

First, you want to create different ad-sets.  Ad-sets come in different sizes.  Your ad must have enough information but keep it brief to avoid distorting the message by being wordy.  Designing an ad that converts highly requires skills and experience of an online marketer. 

After ad-set is created you will want to contact display ad brokers. Click here to receive a free banner ad and use on your website or social media.  Display advertising means your ad-sets are used on different websites and instead of pay per click you will pay per impressions and the websites of your choices are selected based on interests or exact URL or physical addresses.   Thus it is called display advertising.

Because not many people are aware of this form of advertising, bid on impressions is still cheap.  Pay per click for display ad can be 80 percent less than Google PPC.

How does cold traffic play a role in traditional advertising?

In the recent past, Google has clearly dominated how websites get traffic. SEO professionals have to jump through hoops to optimize their client’s websites to rank on Google for traffic. Then Google created Google My Business and this form of advertising is clearly very helpful to small businesses that have no budget for advertising. Although there are ways to gain more traffic from Google My Business,  small businesses do not have to pay anything to have a web presence.  You can create GMB free of charge and put your physical store on the map.

Now there is another player in the online traffic field.  It is called Cold Traffic. 

How does cold traffic work?

So after your ad-sets are created, it is time to place them onto websites.  Websites such as Forbes, ESPN, Yahoo and Google place orders for these ad-sets, thus the term cold traffic.  It’s cold traffic because you can’t put a key phrase on Yahoo or ESPN or Forbes.

Is it relevant? Yes it is because  Ads on DUI lawyers appear on Forbes and ESPN.  It’s also called cold traffic because you really don’t know if the visitors on Forbes or ESPN are those looking for DUI lawyers. However, these types of display ads exist to send traffic to an offer or keep the offer out there so that when the time is right a purchase will be made. Remember about the 7th rule of advertising? Thus the CTR may not look like anything like PPC, however, cost per click is surely very low.

Although it is called cold traffic … because sometimes it can’t really be very targeted you can opt for hyperlocal where exact URL or physical addresses can be used to display ads. When this happens you can serve ads to the people who may have a need to buy your service. For an example,  restaurants  located in  busy malls can use appear on your screen when you access the internet on your phone. This type of ads can be very effective and trigger impulse purchase that otherwise can’t be seen.

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