Is 301 redirect important? 1

Is 301 redirect important?

For today’s ranking is 301 redirect important?


The last time I had a chance to chat with a website/SEO company and they said to me if I was to boast how great of an SEO I am then I should not overlook the 301 redirects for this one client.

Well to be honest I saw this website orphan pages (2) and I planned to add a redirect onto the root installation package.  Yes, I forgot.

I also knew that 301 redirect wasn’t that important for this client simply he was not trying to rank for anything.

His ranking is currently number one for his brand name. I also know Google will drop those pages sooner or later.

So by not adding redirect will this action hurt this website by any means?

My answer is definitely NOT.

If there was any danger I would have done for this client already even though I was not hired to do SEO.

Why do we need 301 redirect old pages to new hosting?


301 redirect helps a new website to retain all the juices it had from its current ranking with its prior web hosting.  So if you change web hosting company you would need to redirect old pages to new pages if old pages now are orphans.

301 redirect needs to happen when a site had a lot of pages that if you don’t do it you may miss out on your current ranking. If your website has many index pages on Google and then you just change them and not provide 301 redirects for all the old pages, you will miss out on all of your goody rankings and yes you will hurt.

For this client he is ranking number one on his brand name- additionally, he does not do a single SEO for his website thus even if I did not have 301 redirects for those 2 pages it would not make any difference at all for his overall ranking. He still will be number one regardless.

Is 301 Redirect Important?


However, adding 301 redirects is nice for visitors who click on the link to read about me for example than having to see 404 pages not found.


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