About Me 1

Hello, my name is Kim. Thank you for visiting my website.

Online By Andrew was created by a very special person. At this writing, he is not with our firm and I am carrying on the task of getting new clients and performing all marketing duties.

My love is in programming for a long time and one day out of curiosity I stumbled upon WordPress and created some websites. Then I found out that having a beautiful website isn’t always guaranteed money in the bank because nobody is going to see it. Build it and they will come wasn’t working out for me particularly I am not always a very patient individual.

Now having to work as a digital marketing specialist for almost 8 years now I realize some truth about Google. First of all, it is a giant computer and although sometimes Google hires humans as its editors (these are the bad ones as they can take down your website without regrets) mostly it is a computer robot. The robot is sent out every single second even in milliseconds combing the web and performs some kind of algorithm to decide which website deserves the top 3 spots.

So as computer reading through your text it will need help to decide what your website “page” is all about. Remember that a robot will not decide based on the entire website only the page it is on so you have to make sure you insert keywords where needed.

So through trials and errors which are methods of my self-learning, I become “expert” in the ranking. Ranking needs money, yes you do because links aren’t cheap. Google is saying it does not need links … hmm this is not true. It has to have links to decide the worthiness of your website.

But … if you create a website and you write regularly and observe all of the robotic needs for evaluating your content you will rank. Given it a year you will rank. I can assure you. Meanwhile, I guess you just have to write and keep writing and check all the time so that you can replace text that people copy from you. There are some very low life on the web who just copy your text and if their site is having more authority than yours Google will believe them. Yes, the world is indeed unfair sometimes.

Sometimes I charge very little for the people I wanted to help and I have to chuckle sometimes that they don’t think I am any good. I don’t bother to go back and solicit any more of my service. I suppose their luck has run out and/or their arrogant isn’t worthy of my attention and talent.

So in order to rank you well in the organic searches, you have to prepare to pay SEO professional fees that they may need. But … there are always things we can do to get traffic to a site. Ranking videos on long-tail keywords are always my go-to method for low budget accounts.

I am happy you are here and I want to tell you I am very good at what I do and sometimes I can act goofy but I am honest and I do the right thing when it is time to call on my own work ethic. Considering yourself lucky really to stumble on my website.

I’ve seen massive success with a lot of my colleagues and they use Facebook ads to get clients for their SEO clients. I haven’t done it but I probably will. The reason here is Google is taking time to rank a site now a day and so clients will need customers to survive and to continue to pay for SEO services.

Ok, what is my recommendations for you to do to get new clients?

1- Create a website that is “YOU”. Write well and write often. Make sure you adhere to all of the “robot” writing rules.

2- Make sure your website converts – send 100 leads via PPC ads so that you can test it. Make sure you get 2 sales with every 100 leads. This is an industry-standard.

3- Once it is proven that your site is good to go hire me to rank your map and your organic searches.

Thank you for being here.