How To Make Money With SEO

There are many incompetent SEO companies out there. I should know as I’ve met many in my SEO journey.  SEO companies that put on their website that they manually submit your website to search engines these companies are out of date and they are probably don’t keep up with the latest SEO methodology and they can hurt your website by not knowing all they should know.

Likewise, I am hesitant to hire Fiverr for ranking because ranking is something personal and it takes years to perfect your skills. If and when you find an SEO company that is reasonable and good hire them. Online By Andrew is one of those companies

Ok so now let’s talk about how to use SEO to make money.

As I tested my own plugin I noticed that as long as you are number one on Google with relatively good search volumes you will make money.

So it’s very important to find the right keywords.

How to find the right keywords? You may want to use your friends for this. Those friends that are not really into SEO but use the computer often.  You may want to ask if they would tell you key phrases they may type into the search engines to search for your product.  Hopefully, your product is something they may need to have in their lives.

Whatever they tell you you want to use it and incorporate those keywords into pages.  Google does not rank the entire site they rank by pages.  So for as many key phrases, you may find you want to create content for them and make sure you adhere to all of the SEO rules.  If you have no idea what are the SEO rules- shoot for the title tag, meta description tags, and anchor text within your content.

For your landing page, you want to pick a main keyword/keyphrase that is competitive in search results yet not many sites are providing them.  If allintitle returns many sites skip that keyword.

If a keyword that results in google my business skip that keyword also. You don’t want to compete with Google as GMB map listing will take off the first 3 positions already.

If a keyword results in a landing page that has an exact match skip that too unless you think you can beat that number 1 position site.

Once you are done with your landing page you may want to add links.  Our plugin can give you links by interlinking them for you and as you produce content the interlinking will give you juice that is needed for your main page.  The main page is the landing page where you will eventually want to be top 3 on Google. I would shoot for the #1 position as it does make twice as much money.

With the WP Super Spin plugin, your inter-linking is done automatically once the article content is gathered.  You want to then use these posts to boost link juice back to your home page.  Make sure each page/post adheres to the latest Google ranking methodology.

Entity SEO and how you can make your content suits this latest SEO ranking system?

First of all to understand an entity is to think like a computer bot. It’s a machine so when you speak of apple for an instant – are you talking about apple computer ? or apple to eat? Entity SEO is to provide all necessary components to enable the machine to understand what your page is about?

You may want to do research on at least 10 websites and see which keywords they repeat often.  Since they rank well on Google you want to mimic their keywords/keyphrases and add even more clarifications to your content.  Ask yourself this question when you read your content – does this article answer questions that your readers may ask? The best way is to create questions and provide answers to all of them. If you do this you don’t really need entity as much as you think. Provide direct answers to the question your article posts is one of the best ways to rank your content today.

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