SEO is now a new directory term and everyone knows what it is.  SEO is needed for any online website to be found on Google.  Once your site is found on Google it seems you will be found on Bing and Yahoo too.  Bing is slowly creeping up but at this writing 2018, Google is still king of the search engines.

At the very minimum, you must have correct title and meta description tag for your home page and you must have the right keywords chosen to rank for that page.  All the work after are very much in content creation and social outreach.  Reputation marketing is also very important because even if you get a lot of traffic and your page is converted just fine but your reputation is poor you will not get sales. So even before you hire an SEO company your first task must be in installing a reputation strategy for your business.  Call us as we are the expert in this field and we will guide you on what to do.

Online by Andrew is one of the advocates for reputation marketing.