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Local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL

Ranking tips for Local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL

When you want to rank for Local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL you will encounter several tops of the chain Local SEO companies.  So how do you beat them?  There are few ways to beat them however in this article we will only pay attention to just a couple.

Do you know how many referring domains point to your biggest business rival? Check for the top 3 companies now in the search engines for the same key phrase.  Next, you want to check for their trust scores.  Whatever those two numbers are you want to beat it and make sure you choose links that are relevant and trustworthy.

Second, you need to get your on-page SEO optimization on point. Your keywords must be in the title tag and on the first line of your article. You want to install Yoast SEO and make sure your SEO score is “good”


What kind of relevancy should you have to rank for “Local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL” key phrase? You want to place links to sites focused on local SEO,  Fort Lauderdale SEO Company, SEO in Fort Lauderdale or companies that do business in Fort Lauderdale.  When in doubt, of course, just look at the first three sites now on Google and work out a strategy that will enable you to outrank them.

In today’s ranking system, relevancy is one of the most important ranking factors you want to pay attention to.  If you have money and currently targetting a special niche,  you won’t have to do much optimization if you buy a good website that’s over two years old.

So how do you know whether a site is relevant? One of the easiest ways is to check their anchor texts in their site and also where they link their site too. If anchor text has your keywords in it … yes, it is relevant. If the anchor text has your keyword in it yes it is relevant. If the domain has your keyword in it it is relevant if the site they link to has your keyword in it yes it is relevant.

Is it better to go for relevancy instead of trust?  I would say choose both.

PBN is probably something you may want to look into to get both relevancy and trust. How? by buying old sites that provide both. 

If you don’t have PBN sites you want to find others’ PBN sites and pay to get links.  Google does not want you to do this because this technique is extremely powerful.  Google is going back and forth in this.  Sometimes it favors sites that are high in authority and not so many backlinks.  Sometimes it favors sites that are having many backlinks.  The rule of thumb for ranking is – mimic the #1 site and do better.

CAUTION:  Excercise caution when placing links with PBN sites.  Google can penalize you.  


What kind of authority do you need to rank for “local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL” type of keywords?  It has to beat whatever it is #1 on Google for this key phrase.

I would always find sites that have at least 20+ in trust scores to link to.  Sometimes you just need high trust scores websites to link to and not too relevant.  However, if you can find sites that you can drop a link that has both authority and relevant,  take full advantage of them.  One of the ways is to acquire PBN (private blog network) on your own. Or search the internet and find relevant blogs to link to.  You can create your own subreddit or buy tons of web 2.0 that are old and relevant and drop links in there if you don’t have money or time to buy a bunch of PBN sites.

How to know a trust score of any website? You have to sign up with majestic.com site.

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