What’s the reputation marketing?

This term is new and only recently it has been recognized as one of the most crucial aspects of any online company.  When you are online your reputation is done by way of reviews. Both Positive or negative reviews.  Consumers are expected to see reviews of your company and your products online.  Consumers are likewise to check you on Facebook and Instagram.  If time is of essence you must have your company presence on at least Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Reviews are most often seen on Google My Business but their reviews are often manipulated and you really must read between the lines.  Your reviews must be positive on Yelp, and many other directories and not just Google. You must make this marketing arsenal a weapon to win customers loyalty.  Once a customer is converted you will have his / her businesses for life.

Online by Andrew is a reputation marketing company in Coconut Creek.  We’re a pioneer in our approach in helping our customers gaining their market shares via reputation marketing.  Reputation marketing consists of using videos or images to display and rank good reviews online.  This is done on a monthly basis so your reviews are always fresh and up to date and help your prospective clients choose you over your competitors.

Please click here and input your company name and phone number to view.  If you happen to have negative reviews we do know how to help you get rid of them ethically.  However, it is not going to be a quick process. A strategy must be implemented and followed.