SEO for Lawyers What You Need To Know

On this website, we advertise $199 per month for SEO services.  Admittedly it is not something we can do SEO for lawyers.  The reason here is law firm SEO or other the legal services niche are extremely competitive and although we can charge SEO for lawyers $199 per month it is not going to bring them customers within the first 2 years.

This led us to a very fundamental question.  How much should a local SEO campaign be charged per month? To be honest, SEO can be done at any price.  For $199 per month, it will take longer to achieve your objective as SEO companies can’t buy good links to boost the law firm website and without good links your law firm website can’t achieve an authority status needed to compete against others.

An ethical SEO will not offer a $199 per month SEO service to any Attorney SEO marketing because only how much SEO can be done with $199 per month.

What and How $199 per month of Search Engine Optimization provides?


I can only speak for our company Online By Andrew.  The only reason we can make it work for any other niches other than legal marketing is that we can use the firm website content and inner linking to boost and rank the website.  But it’s a lengthy process. We also have to use a portion of the fees for links to boost site authority.  Just content only it will never work. Period.  There are so many companies out there offering $199.00 per month and many businesses will temp to give it a try only to feel cheated few months or a year down the road.  At most, they will not care about ranking you but only giving you 1 article per month and nothing else is done period.  In the end, you will spend money and although it’s only $199 per month you will not get very far.

Online by Andrew does provide $199 per month search engine results and with it, we offer 4 articles per month with good keyword research for each one and we do inner linking for you with each one.  We also provide authority boosting to your site by placing links to high trust scores websites.  So in the end, it is an investment rather than an expense to hire us for your $199 per month SEO service.

Please be mindful that it can take 6 months to a year to get traffic and this comes without a conversion factor.  Although all SEO search results service ordering from us will get Google analytic and Google search console to install we will not assist in the conversion process of your website.

The reason here is $199 per month is just simply does not provide enough money to have this service added.

So How Much Should An SEO for lawyers Company Charge SEO for Law Firm’s Website?


I would say at least 1k to set up and $500 per month SEO for lawyers.  Lawyers niche is 100 percent local what it means is although you want to be global or international it simply does not work that way.  For an average consumer who needs lawyer services, they will want to speak to the lawyer face to face.  For the extremely wealthy clienteles they probably will seek out the best and they most likely don’t care where the lawyers are located.  But these are exceptions and not the norm.

To rank different practice areas you will and may need many more ranking resources.  Videos may need to be made and the content will need to be professionally written.  Most new lawyers who are solo practitioners who will most likely need SEO professional services often do not hire a good one.  They pay so little yet expect the most and so at the end, they get frustrated.  A big law firm who has money to burn will most likely pay for the best SEO professionals and pay big bucks to get rank and to crush the market.  SEO is like this — a house purchase for 56k or 1 million dollars will need the same amount of paperwork.  Even renting an apartment with $1100 per month if you go through a real estate agent you will see it comes with an inundated amount of paperwork.  does this justify the price of hiring them? Maybe yes and maybe no.  It’s all depended upon the location, right?

The only difference between pay lesser monthly SEO FEES is how long do you want to wait for that one client phone calls that can change your life?  To achieve maximum google’s search results, web marketing companies will have their own “Private blog networks” they created just for you so you can get engine results pages fast and secure.  So after they write an article for you they will place that link there and you will rank fast.  The cost of attaining those blogs are huge.  The lesser monthly SEO fees group will get ranked but their links have to be placed in other high authority but riskier because the Private blog networks are run by others and most likely it is more generalized.

So if you see a $199 SEO fee per month please don’t be so excited if you are in law practice only because you are swimming with the shark.  If per customer you acquire will bring in $2000 then you must spend at least that amount for local search SERVICES. This is the rule of thumb.

Google offers a high ranking position for law firm directories.  Ask yourself this question.  Do they need any more help from Google? After they charge lawyers top dollars to place an ad on their websites yet Google gives them the royal treatment.  So why? It’s simple. To survive you simply have to use Google pay per click and pay up to $200 per click for a DUI in a big city.  Most of the firms that pay for PPC services do not understand how to optimize them and thus they just a lot of money to be on top.  The conversion rate is not great.  Even all of that it must work somehow.  And the reason is – you only need one phone call from a potential DUI case or personal injury case to make up for a few months of SEO ads. 

A law firm I work for place top 3 position ads for DUI and they also rank top 3 on Google my business and they do that all year round.  It must bring in millions of dollars otherwise what else they could afford it?

So if you’re a lawyer and you are clueless about where to start we would recommend you start with a Google my business and optimize your site to rank them locally.  But understand this … you can only achieve top 3 for maps but your regular website may or may not get any boost. So as soon as you earn enough money it is highly recommended that you ask for SEO FOR YOUR LAW PRACTICE. The higher your site authority will be the better you will rank. Period. Consider it is an investment and not an expense as SEO always done right if you hire Online By Andrew.

For a piece of cutting edge advice and service, you want to read more about our search engine optimizations via these articles on our website.

One final word of advice here … Don’t just think only about traffic – you want to think about conversion too.  Pay good money for SEO for lawyers companies to do their job.  The ranking is the same so who has the most quality links will win.  Links do not come cheap particularly for LAWYER’s niche.  You want to invest in your business and not fly by night operation.  Law is a profession that is much needed more so in the United States than any other place in the world. We love to sue and we love to greed.  The rule of thumb to hire SEO professional is this – your monthly payment should be equaled to your income with one client.  Lawyers live with retainers so the more clients you acquire the better you will be.  So if your SEO service is $500 per month it is well worth it.  That is the rate we are billing for SEO for lawyers here at Online By Andrew.

Call us now to get started. Each minute delays can cost you 1k a month.

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