How To Find And Hire The Best Local SEO Fort Lauderdale Florida?


One of the best indicators of a best Local SEO Fort Lauderdale Florida company is that you can find them exactly for the key phrase “Local SEO Fort Lauderdale Florida”.  They also rank for their local address. So if a company address is in Fort Lauderdale it should rank at least in the Fort Lauderdale area. If you happen to find this article in the search engine we’ve done more than just an average ranking job.  We go above the normal ranking to achieve this.

The reason here is … Online By Andrew is located in Coconut Creek and we are ranking for Fort Lauderdale. This can only be achieved by on-page optimization and site authority.  At this writing, this article may not be on top 3 for this keyword but it will be given it some time.  So if you read it and find that our company isn’t on top 3 for this “Local SEO Fort Lauderdale Florida” then maybe you want to check for “SEO coconut Creek”. That was the first keyword we tried to rank.

In case you’re really new to SEO and do not know what exactly SEO means in terms of ranking. SEO is Search Engines Optimization.  How do you optimize your page to rank? The ranking is a method of predicting how a robot sees your site.  Since there are millions of websites, clearly ranking is the computer’s job.

First, it will try to read all the words on this website probably they will read bold words or h1 tag phrases or words first and from there it decides ok in which category it should be placed?

And then it will place the site based on authority and ranking signals.  Ranking signals mean do other sites hyperlink to this article? Remember the computer does not rank the entire site.  It ranks page or post. So when you write an article your purpose is to make sure you have an intent on which key phrase you want to rank.  And you also make sure you want to bold the appropriate keywords to further clarify your intent.

As far as the authority factor you want to create content and create it often.  You also want to write guest posts and put your site link on somebody else websites.  Make sure their websites are the authority.  Don’t waste your time and place links on mediocre websites.  Check on to see what kind of trust scores they have? I would prefer trust scores of 30+ for me to place links.

So, in summary, to rank a website today requires ample content and site authority. 

If you need help to know where to place links or local SEO write me at I’ll try my best to help you.