making money online
making money online
making money online
making money online

Secrets Of Making Money Online The Easy Way

When it comes to making money online there are so many avenues to choose from.  So what is the secret of making money online you ask?  On this page, we’ll attempt to show you some secrets of making money online.

Making Money Online With These Methods

First of all … the secrets of making money online is … you really have to become an expert in ranking either your own websites or clients.  So the first thing is to learn how to rank a website.  Let me fill you in some fundamentals you may want to learn.  But everything takes time and you may want to buy a website and start ranking your own.  Check the option “passive income” below.

To rank a website you want to investigate what kind of keywords people key in to find your niche.  So choose a niche that you like.  For me, my niche is criminal defense attorneys and all things involved in ranking attorney websites.  Trust me … these are one of the most competitive niches you want to be in.  However, there are many ways to rank attorney websites.  In this space, I will give you the basic steps you want to take the time to learn well.

To rank a website … you need content – you need to make your site increase in authority.  Authority I am talking about is Trust scores and domain authorities.  How to do so?  By placing links in authority websites.  If you don’t know any – just Google them and start soliciting links.  You can also buy links.  Do not buy Fiverr links whatever you do. I don’t want to take away jobs from Fiverr but when it comes to links you want quality links.  Rank your website page by page and not the whole website. Write content for each keyword and optimize ONLY for that keyword.  Interlink these articles back to the main page so all the juices are flowing through all the pages and not leaving any orphan pages.

1- SEO – Search Engines Optimization –


This skill is one of the most important skills in making money online.  Whether you rank your own website to sell affiliate products or rank for clients you WANT to teach yourself well in this area.  Online is all about search engines and social media.  Go to youtube and spend days to master this skill.  Start with optimizing your landing page.  What’s a landing page? It’s the first page when people key in your site URL.  Usually, I rank inner pages leading to the home page.  Many other SEO experts may tell you differently so test and test and test and arrive with a formula you can use.

I can’t emphasize enough here … think of ranking your website page by page.  Each page one or 2 keywords mostly and many synonyms.  Make sure you use 1 h1 tag for the title – and h2 for subtitles and h3 for sub-sub titles within h2.

SEO salary ranges from $48,000 – $120,000 a year.


2- Craigslist – Gig makes per Order – or being an arbitrary service provider


Every hour check Craiglist for new items posted and be the first one reply to their ads.  Based on your skills you can start earning almost immediately many gigs on there.  Being an arbitrary service provider means to provide service even in the niche you don’t know anything about … by hiring talent from Fiverr.  But you want to make sure Fiverr you choose can do the best job. I use this software – and let it find me all gigs all over the United States and even oversea.  The software is called “Arbitrage Underdog Black Label”.  It’s worth every penny.

3-  Copywriter


An excellent copywriter can earn 10k per sales copy.  You may be surprised to find that you have the skill in this area.  A copywriter is a conversion you need to bridge between traffic and sales.  What’s the use of bringing hordes of traffic and no sales can be made when customers get there.  Thus sales copy is one of the top skills online.  People can’t see your face so they will have to reply to your sales copy to decide if they want your product or not.


4- Website Designer – Logo Designer


A logo designer can be done very fast and easy at  I would go for a professional version so you can download its transparency and resize images at will.  A great website that sells has easy navigations and lots of helpful content.  You must design your website with intent.  Ask yourself this question: what is the purpose of your client’s website? Do they want to use it as a brochure, to get leads, to rank and be found, to get the call, etc. ? Ask a lot of questions and design the site that your client will love.  The first one can be tricky as you don’t know where to start. The best thing I would do is to find many website templates and send them for approval.  Designing a site can be billed at around $300 to $5000. It’s all depended on how much complication the site is required.


5- Affiliates


This way of making money via selling other’s people products can be your ticket to freedom. You may have to learn how to put a site together and choose the right product to sell. I would start with Clickbank.  Information products can be very easily downloaded and the author can split payments with you.  Usually, affiliates earn around 50 to 100 percent.  You may want to get a mailing list to install for these types of selling so that you can continue to sell to your buyers.  If you don’t have a mailing list with an autoresponder in place all contacts will go to the author of the product.   You can start out with a free site like Wix to offset the hosting and buying a name for your site.  At the very minimum, you may want to buy a name – that is a resemblance to your niche.  And even if you use the Wix design engine you can also redirect to your site with a small fee per month.  I would recommend signing up with for a fast loading site and awesome support.


6- Create Passive Income Websites


This is something I highly recommend.  Create several niche websites and start putting content every week for a year.  Implement sound SEO practice on each one.  Choose carefully keywords that help you rank fast and create posts for them.  Push posts.  Online By Andrew offers $200 per month to help you achieve these sites and bring them up to the correct standard to continue to earn money.  Initially, you can sign up with Google AdSense to earn money then after the site is booming large sign up with other larger networks to earn more money per clicks.  These sites after a few years you really don’t have to do much but continue to earn money via advertising.  All of your articles will rank accordingly.  You just need to make sure your articles are good and helpful to your readers.

We hope you love this article.  Bookmark us and come back often for more ranking and making money ideas.  We also would like to make a recommendation.  Instead of putting money in the bank and earn lousy .05 percent – why not invest in passive income websites and see it grow over time for your children.  You are talking about $19.99 per year for the site name (Url) and 5.99 per month for web hosting and $200.00 per month for ranking. You can stop SEO ranking as soon as you are into 15 months … This type of gift is giving and keep on giving.

Thanks for spending time and reading our article.

making money online
Make money online

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