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True Passive Income

In almost every walk of life when asked what we want most in life one of the most anticipated answers is to be financially solvent.  Working from 9 to 5 may not be enough to provide a stable income for the family.  Some will venture on making money off-hour. I would call that effort is earning money passively.

When you read this article in its entirety you will find out there is a way to earn truly passive income and it does not require you to spend whatever left of your precious free time outside of work to manage it.

There are many ways to make money online.  One of the most obvious ones is blogging. Blogging today is not of writing about your life, although I would say many people will tune in if you would make a video instead.  Blogging today particularly blogging for money and profit requires you to know a few more things such as find the right keyword and make sure your posts find their way to the top of Google search engines.

At this writing, Google is still the king of search engines thus for the sake of clarity I will only prefer Google as the main source of the blogger’s income.

No matter what if you find keywords that give you the potential of top 3 when searches you will make money.

In this article, I will not show you how to rank but rather show you how to make a successful blog.

A successful blog will have more than adequate content.  Your content must provide some kind of answers to a burning question. You will need to familiarize yourself with the topic of your writing to give this kind of feedback.  You may have to spend money to hire writers who you can work with to help you create an income blog.

An income blog is a blog that ranks.  There is a vast difference between ranking number 1 and number 3.  Last month my income was drastically reduced by more than 1/3 because I was demoted to number 6.  Google experimented with ranking all the time and we can be at its mercy when it happens and when our site swing down from the number 1 position.

Thus it is vital to have a blog that is higher in domain authority with high trust scores and also to blog regularly.

So how to get a blog post to rank? First, the site should have some authority and second, you must exercise patience.  A successful blog will take time to mature. The reason here is your content must be found and for a legitimate new blog it will take time.

I am a blogger and I make money with blogging. My topics are very competitive thus I recommend you spend some time picking a niche that is popular and you have plenty of information available to you to create content.  You don’t need to pick a competitive niche but only good keywords that you can rank. I chose my blog topic by accident and I just decided to stay in it.

There are two types of blogging for income. One is the quantity and one is quality.  You can have many “automated” blogs not very high in quality yet earning decent money and one is quality that you need to spend a lot of time to babysit and makes sure content is top-notch as well as ranking.  Remember if you put all your eggs in one basket and that basket is stolen you will be out of luck.  I prefer the middle way.

As an SEO specialist, I know for a certain fact that a blog will earn zero income if its content not found. So you will need to spend time and dig out keywords that you can win.  There will be copycat and competitors who will copy you and sometimes outrank you.  I am experiencing this right now.

So I set out and with my amazing programmer at my side we created a tool that allows me to post content to my blog 24/7.

Now there are many many many yes I intentionally repeat this “many” because it is true. You can find so many solutions on the web for automatic content creation tools but these do not meet my skepticism and needs.

I do not want a tool that just scrapes the web and brings back any kind of images and snippets that belong to someone else.  Nor do I want the images and videos that do not speak to my content.  My images must be of high quality and relevant to my posts as well as my videos.  My content must be unique and readable even if it is written by artificial intelligent writers.

Recently we have completed a new plugin and it is going through battled-tested so we can make sure when we release it our buyers will appreciate and ready to use it. This tool took around 3 years to finally done with no bug that we could find.

For more information about this tool please click on this link and read. https://wpsuperspin.com.

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