display ad and cold traffic

Display Ad and Cold Traffic

What are display ad and cold traffic you should know? Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to tap online traffic beyond well-known SEO and PPC techniques. How does one do this? By exploring cold traffic advertising.  Display ads are taking over the world now and slowly television ads are going to fade.  Display ads are easy to make and test.  You can have …

How To Create A Best Conversion Ad

This article will help you answer the question “How to Create The Best Conversion Ad”. Advertising is a  strange animal because you’re dealing with people and emotions.  Sometimes it’s easy to duplicate success by repeating a previous strategy.  However, the same ad might work great for one market disaster for another.  The rule of thumb for all direct advertising is …

Pixabay Image 2123473
Pixabay Image 2123473

Epic Display Ads

Display Ads is often used in retargeting or cold traffic type ads. If you pay for PPC (pay per click) but don’t use retargeting pixels shame on you 🙂 What exactly is retargeting pixel? This pixel is dropped when someone visits your website. Then thereafter wherever they go there will some kind of banner ads display reminding them about the …