Can you trust an online review?



Recently I read a very bad online review from someone to a company whom I personally know the owner.  I knew for a certain fact that the review was a fraud.  I then asked the owner if he knew of that bad review and he told me the person who wrote the review was an ex-girlfriend who wrote it out of hate and revenge.  In my opinion, reviews need to be checked for validity and honesty.

I’ve followed this owner for a long time on Youtube and although I could NOT say a lot about his character because I only know him via his work online … I must say he KNOWS what he is talking about and the review about his work was all a lie.  

What I did not know is by placing my own rebuttal to help this owner I put my company at risk for such another blatant lie.  Our world is a sad place because it seems so easy to go online and to lie and to hurt people’s reputation so easily.

This person said our company’s IT person is a fraud yet she did not know we are indeed working together for 7 years and now this company asks if he can become our IT director. She knew nothing about me or my personal dealing yet going online and spread poisons.  Our director gave me a review based on his personal dealings with me about how much I care about my customers as well as doing everything I can to help the customers.  I was wondering “what is so wrong about that?”.  

She also knew nothing about ranking because if you just search for “SEO coconut creek” or “advertising agency coconut creek” or “digital marketing coconut creek”  or “internet marketing coconut creek” we rank on top 3 of Google on all of them and more …

Our company also created and ranked the video for “(name of the company) review” on top 3 of Google as well. 

One word to the caution wise- when you read reviews check it out for yourself. Please do not allow for personal revenge of an individual to hurt another unjustifiably.  One thing I know for very sure there is karmic justice and I do feel sorry for her as the liar does have consequences.

On the bright note and it’s you can push bad reviews down by having good reviews on top.  You also want to create youtube videos and rank for your company + review. Not to create one but 10+ and it will push the bad reviews down.

Online by Andrew offers reputation marketing and management.  You do want to market your reputation online by having monthly review videos about your company.  

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