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Traffic Generations For New Business

Traffic Generations For New Business

In the United States, new businesses suffer a failure rate of over 50%.   I believe it’s because most startups have really low or lack advertising dollars.  What any new business should do first is to hire a competent no bullshit SEO company to do in-depth keyword research.

Next, you should do a complete on-page SEO. After that create an outline for interlinking and articles designation for a year.  Social media accounts need to be created at this time.  I prefer Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  These three are the optimized for high conversions.

Our new site process is something like this. 

1.We find keywords – do on-page SEO, create social media accounts, create/advise our client on how to add articles.

2. How to interlink articles to get the best possible ranking juice for 12 months straight, install all GOOGLE properties such as Google Analytics and Google Console.

3. Create and teach you on how to manage your Google My Business.

After we implement these steps, you’ll just post content on a weekly basis. We’ll then visit your site  60 days later to help you correct any mistakes. It takes at least 12 months to see significant results but you can get them at half the time by paying for backlinks.

Another way of boosting traffic fast is creating display ads. What is the display ad? Display ad is basically placing ad banner to websites that are popular either in your niche or related niches and you pay per impression and per click.   They can also be called “cold ad”.   You also want to ask us about retargeting ad campaigns we have.  Our retargeting ad campaigns are better than Google. Google covers only 27 percent of all websites we cover 97 percent of all websites so your banner has great chances to be viewed by many people.

Contact Online by Andrew for different ways to get traffic to your site.

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