How To Pick The Right Keyword? 1

How To Pick The Right Keyword?

Everybody wants to know how to pick the right keywordHow to pick the right keyword can spell success or failure in terms of conversion for your website. 

First, you have to be crystal clear on what is it that you are trying to accomplish? Do you want people to buy something from your website? if yes then your keyword must contain “buyer” keyword. If you want people to read more about what you have to say then your keyword must be “research” keyword and so on.  After making that decision it’s time you consult Google for buyer’s related searches. 

You also want to use Ubersuggest for this task.  Ubersuggest will help you locate keywords that were typed into the search engines by real people searching for solutions they are seeking.

Le’s say you have a stomach ache. Which keywords will you use to fix your problem? I would say you may type something like – how can I fix stomach problem? Well at this stage you probably only want to find out more about why you feel sick in your stomach and what are the symptoms? But if you type in something like this – where can I buy “medicine” for stomach problem? Now the word “buy” is a buyer keyword and the “medicine” is also a buyer keyword- so If I type in where can I buy Tylenol?  You bet I am ready to buy Tylenol and if you give me the best price I will go to you for sure.

Your next step is finding out the number of people who use the keyword on a monthly basis. You can do this by putting quotes around your buyer key phrase. For an example – “where can I buy Tylenol” if it comes back less than 100 it is good if it is less than 10 it is better if it is less than 5 it is best and if no record found it is golden.

So in your spare time trying to figure out what is buyer’s keyword. The more keywords you have, the better you will rank – your search results may be 10 or 20 but you only need 1 buyer at a time. If a true buyer finds you and he buys it is time to send in hordes of traffic.

A good keyword isn’t always the one that produces a lot of searches- A good keyword should be based on your intention. What is it EXACTLY you are trying to accomplish.  A large part of being a great SEO company is to know how to rank a customer’s site for the right keyword.

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