Rent a website

Similar to rent a car or buy a car what are the pros and cons of each option? First rent a website is suitable for new businesses where you really don’t know or not sure it will survive. Or you just need to budget your spending monthly with a website that is supported and loaded with content ready to go for much less money than you would own it outright. Owning a website comes with responsibility. You must make sure it has content so it will continue to earn a great source of traffic for you. You must make sure it’s up all the time and if you are a busy store-business owner you may not have the expertise or time to do so and last but not least it must be found on the search engines to help you make more money.

The con of renting a site is that you do not own it. That is it.

At Online By Andrew, we do offer site rental. Each niche is unique. We will quote you the right amount for your niche. Rental starts at $49.99 per month. E-commerce rental will be quoted differently and will be depended upon the number of products you have. Please make sure you tell us your niche and what you expect from your rental site. With a rental site, you only pay a small monthly payment and it is included content, site creation, SEO, monthly content, emails, and ranking. Please note a contract for renting a site will span 12 months. You do not have to pay 12 months at once. We bill monthly.