How to make money online at any year

There are so many ways to make money online. Having a website is the first order of business. If you search for a keyword “passive income” you will run into many great blogs describing how they make money ‘passively’ more on this later. As an SEO specialist web hosting is one of the most important factors in making money online. Your site must run fast and reliably. I recommend totally for Siteground. Run as far as you can host gator or blue host or form of Bluehost like just host and many other names which have Bluehost as a main hosting company.

I’ve not found a simpler way to make passive income than to have a list of great fans and a website that is ranked well in the search result and converts. Both methods are never passive. To have a list of great fans you must continually acquire fans thus work. To have a great site that is not only ranked high on the search engines but also converts is work. So don’t be misled about built it once and it will come. It is true those after some work built in. So again there is no get rich quick scheme online.

The only secret and seems to be a mystery to most people is the question they ask themselves. How can I make money online? There is no mystery at all. The above two methods I told you is the secret themselves.

Let’s addressed one by one here.

How to start a list? First, decide which topic you want to have a list of. Although you can choose any topic at all under the sun choose one that you know most intimately about and the one you like to write about is the best choice. After for a while creating content can be a problem if first, you know nothing about so nothing to write and second you will be very bored to write more. You then must create a product. You want to give something of value away to build it. The most usual route is to create an info product. This info product doesn’t need to be too long but it really has to be of value. Think of something your readers may want to know about. The internet is so broad you can do this very easily. Just take a little time. After you have created your product you want to set out and find affiliates to help you get more opt-ins. You can also buy opt-in by buying solo ads. What is a solo ad? It’s a way to leverage other people list to build yours for money per opt-in. You can find many people selling their solo ads by searching on facebook group or search engines. Do not stop until you have about 100 opt-in. Continue to build this list to be bigger and bigger. Do not feel worried too much if they unsubscribe. Its the nature of the beast. However, you have a list to make money so start sending offers or products to buy to your list.

How to create a website and get it ranked high on Google for free traffic? First, you need to sign up as an affiliate to get a link to put on your site. Or you can sell your own product. But you must have a product. Then hire a competent SEO professional to help you with the SEO part. You need to optimize your site very well and you need to put out regular content. The optimization you will need the help of an ethical SEO person the content you can do it yourself or hire someone on Fiverr to help you. So these are not undoable. Then you need to keep adding links social media exposure until you are on top 3. Never settle on the first page. Although for a very heavily finance or lawyer on the first page will product few calls. Sometimes only one call per 6 months is enough for some of the lawyers. We do have a special package for mom and pop type of operations (lawyers and bail bonds are excluded) or the people who read my post here to do your SEO as low as $200 per month. You’ll expect to spend money from 3 to 6 months. Please write to us and put in the comment “Special SEO deal for my reader”. Then proceed to tell me your story and your dream. What is it that you want to see happen with your site? This service is normally priced at $799 per month.