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How DUI Lawyers get leads?

Tips On How DUI Lawyers get leads …

In a not so distant past, we could just rank lawyers in the organic searches and were good to go.  Today, ranking among the top 3 is not as easy. Further, even if you are at #1 position organically, you are effectively at the #7 or #8 position.

It seems ranking organic SEO is on its way out for local businesses.  For local mom and pop businesses, it is advisable to spend your advertising money to rank on Google My Business.  Organic SEO for other products such as global ranking is still going strong.  Google is favored by big name directories such as for lawyers, yelp for botox, and other health-related niches.  So it is currently harder to compete in legal niches organically.

So if you are a lawyer what can you do to find more customers?

You will need to pay money for Pay per click or Pay per call and Google my business.  Having your business listed in your immediate area does not require you to pay any fee, however, to get it listed somewhere else in the neighboring areas you may need to do some verification.

Another way to get leads if you are a lawyer is to register as many maps as possible.  You will need to provide an image to prove that it is a bonafide business address.  Even if you buy a maps address, it may not have signage in front of a regular business would. So before you spend the money make sure you understand that Google wants to save you money and recover your sales.

I’ve seen many map marketers promote the use of keywords in the business name.  I advise you NOT to do this. There may be a get around to it (and we’ve done this for our customers) but if you don’t know how by doing this you may have violated Google T.O.S.

The latest Google T.O.S. indicates that your Google map business name must be the same as your normal business name. Adding extra stuff is not recommended.

For other niches such as auto repair shop or auto detailing or flower shop etc. you may get away with it for a while but keep in mind once Google suspends your site you will have to change it back to your normal business name.

Or if you still ask the question How DUI lawyers get leads then, perhaps it is time we look for a new search engine and jump in early enough to get genuine traffic.

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