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Dispensing Doctor SEO

What’s Dispensing Doctor SEO? The new Medical Marijuana Amendments for 2018 is now in effect in Florida.  Many are flocking to the internet and search for a medical card’s doctor.  If you are a medical professional and you are able to qualify individuals for the card how do you find them? This explains the term Dispensing Doctor SEO.

As far as SEO you can just create a page on your website, optimize to rank for the right keywords that describe your service add an opt-in form or tab to call. It’s best to provide both because some of the visitors may not want to call but just write.  Make sure your phone number is a tab to call as many prospective card seekers may use their cell phones.  This will make it easier for them to call you and make an appointment.

Since 90 percent of searches on the Internet is mobile you want to master the art of selling on the cell phone. Make sure you have a list of “must have” items for them to bring with when they see you such as their driver license. Some of the doctors do charge a fee if they fail to show up.

One way to rank well for this term is to make sure your on-page is optimized well.  Since the demand is very instant organic SEO will take a long time to be in the top 3 of Google.  You want to get leads immediately.  Particularly the dispensing doctors who live in the state of Florida. You may want to use PPC or GMB (Google my business) to list your offices.  Even if you may not be on the top 3 of Google map you will get the call if the client happens to be near your office.

Online by Andrew, we recommend you purchase our 30 minimum leads per month package.  This package is already used by another doctor and is already combed through all type of keywords that trigger our ads.  You can get visitors as early as 24 hours from the time you sign up.  You can cancel at any time. No refund is given once a contract is signed for that package.

For a long-term solution, we recommend you also purchase SEO package so you can start getting leads organically.

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