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Online By Andrew extends our efforts to several Deerfield Beach SEO projects.  From our research not only is Deerfield Beach is a great place to live, but it also has a lot of minority business owners.   Deerfield Beach population isn’t as crowded as Fort Lauderdale and it is not as sedated as Pompano Beach.  It’s kinda in between.

Deerfield Beach has approximately 81,000 people. 6 percent under 5 years old, 20 percent under 18 years old, 23 percent are 65 and over and the majority of the people who live in Deerfield Beach are women.It has 66 percent of white and 34 percent of black Hispanics and Asian.

Average owner-occupied housing units are $124,900 and the monthly mortgage is around $1,400. Rental apartment in Deerfield Beach is around $1,100.00 a month. It has about 1,2000 businesses and men own about twice as many businesses as women. 

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