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Website Design Coconut Creek

What is about Coconut Creek FL website design companies?

Today website designs come with many flavors.  WordPress  as our main content management which has become the mainstream software of choice for today many businesses.  I use WordPress in all of my website designs projects. Themes maker has automated a lot of features that make life much easier for me.  To be honest I was not born a website or theme designer I was born as an IT lead developer.  My design has been so much of an input page or mathematical calculation page and my design was stiff.  WordPress has changed all of that. With WordPress, you can become an amazing web designer in a hurry.

Having said all of that designing a website is an art. This art is often lost sometimes in compensating for ranking factors. Sometimes I must add this sentence here and there to help me rank and thus I do not always adhere to design protocol.  Things like text vs images can be a struggle sometimes.  So why do you need an authentic web designer?

Authentic Website  Designer Protocol

An authentic website designer takes many things into account.  Color and placement of text and images play paramount of importance.  Another thing is it must flow correctly and the words we used and font we select all play into a masterful piece of art.  An authentic website designer makes sure all the navigation is in the correct places so the users won’t get confused.  Like I said it is truly an art.

An authentic website designer makes sure your site converts.  What this means is when someone visits your website they will take some kind of actions.  The website is also a static brochure no more and no less. It is used to showcase and explains what you are doing for your customers.  It contains a mission statement if not in words than in the images and color it is using.  A good website must have all of the elements of color and words and images working together to reflect the business mission.  It must say to the visitor who you are and what you do.  And in turn, you will attract likewise customers.

Website design and conversion

The quantitative element of designs and conversions can be difficult to discern.  What is it that makes a website converts? Now it will become more of a research topic.  You may want to find out if your website gives a clear call to action? Because conversions often associated with a call to action. What do you want your visitor to do when they get there?  Is your website just a brochure with no particular interest? Is your website a shopping cart? Is your website a landing page to collect emails? Is your website a portfolio showcasing your artwork? You must know what it is you are trying to accomplish and you must communicate that to your website designer.  Then he/she will need to incorporate those into the website designs.  Now then his/her function can become a little muddle where design art meets goals and they both must blend.

Our search engine friendly and cost-effective website management are some of the few factors we incorporate when we design our client’s websites.  I do most of the arranging myself and get images and graphics by our art department.  As you notice I use the word arranging only because the theme I purchased does have all of the “design” built-in for me and I just use it.  Many times my arranging coincide with IT department where they have to insert PHP codes to make it does more of other functions our customers have ordered.  Mostly our IT department gets involved in inserting google analytics and other google requirements to make it load fast and etc.  So now website design is no longer a one person, one department act but blend together with all departments to accomplish what the site is supposed to do.

Website Designs SEO Services

There really is no way to get around it.  Website designer must work with SEO professionals to accomplish on-page ranking factors.  It must have all of the usual things that help a site ranks in the search engines.  Things like tabs are very much in demand for websites to include text that doesn’t clutter the site.  Website designs in the past are not really getting along with SEO dude because SEO needs to add text where website designer wants to be a minimalist and explains his/her designs in using colors, choices of images and so on.  Today website designer must add alt text to the images they use so that Google which is a computer can know what is it you are trying to say.  Let’s talk a little bit about how a computer scan your pages and know what you are saying and thus to rank you? Try to think if you are a computer for a minute … I guess you must use words that help to distinguish or make your site functions stand out – so BOLD, h1, h2, h3 tags are important.  links are important because links can tell a computer who you really are- Who links to you? and who do you link to? These are the things that must be present in any website pages – and posts.

Online by Andrew offers custom web design, social media services, local web design service along with designing the small business website are some of the few fantastic services we provide.   No man is an island here.  Before we believe we’re done with a website designs project we discuss the scope of work with everybody – particularly the SEO girl like myself.  We also chat with our IT dude and he will make sure we have all of the statistics we need to help me rank a site. Last but not least our graphic and video girl will provide videos and awesome images we need and upload videos to Youtube.  In any internet marketing company, these things must be in place to provide a beautiful yet functioning website for our customers.

It’s really fun to work here. 


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