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Insider Tips on How To Bail Bonds Marketing

Bail Bonds Marketing has relied on PPC (pay per click) ads provided by Google. However, it seems as of July 1st, 2018 Google announced that it will not allow any more bail bonds ads. However not sure if they changed their mind because at this writing I still see bail bonds PPC ads.

So if in case PPC is no longer available what do you do to get traffic?

I would recommend you do SEO even if you’re running PPC adds. Why? Because  PPC requires daily managing.

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First I want you to order a BAIL BONDS MARKETING FREE competitor’s intelligence report by typing in your business name and phone number and allow the free report to give you the assessment where you really are in terms of your reputation online.  Based on that report you want to fix everything that is labeled “fix”.  This will help you a lot to prepare a very solid foundation for your website. If you read this article and you need help – fill out this form and I will get back with you.


Second, you want to make sure and this is very important not only for bail bonds business but for any business and that is to make sure your site has higher than average trust scores and domain authority scores.  If you don’t understand what this is – you need to do research – In the scope of this article, I can’t really go into detail to explain it.  Maybe I will do it in a future article.  I prefer 40 in TS and 40 in DA.

Third, install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools onto your website.  This will help you to find keywords or key phrases that you can rank.  You can also use Ubbersuggest – type this in Google to find it and go there and search for related keywords to write about.

Good articles should give readers unique information that isn’t available in your competitors’ websites.  Many people make their articles very long with lots of graphics and videos which is really great. However, it’s still possible to rank on top by posting 500-word articles.

You want to put the key phrase on the URL and also in the first 100 words of your first sentence. Bold it. Please be mindful that sometimes google prefers to see h2 or h3 – you have to tweak this. At this writing, it seems bold gets more SEO points.  Also, it seems that if you use HTML tag such as < strong > you will get more point than < b>.

Then in each article, you want to make sure you link back to the homepage. For an example, if you want to rank for “bail bonds west palm beach” create a page “Bail Bonds West Palm Beach” and for each article (post) related to that, you want to link to that page. Get it?

Bail Bonds Marketing With GMB

You definitely want to saturate your Google My Business with links back to your site. Here are few simple things you can do for yourself.

1- Sign up with Google My Business. If you can get more than one legitimate addresses in different parts of towns I recommend you do it. The more  the merrier.  If you don’t have these addresses, we can sort you out fast.


2- Prepare your site to rank for GMB.

  1. Create a page that matches your category. In this case Bail Bonds + city. So if you want to rank for bail bonds west palm beach create a page for that.  and use this URL in your map instead of your homepage. Now you need to exercise your discretion here. Each case is different. if your home page reflects this keyword then by all means link to your homepage.
  2. Write 3 articles talking about West Palm Beach – link these articles together. Put your google map in each article.
  3. Write 5 articles talking about places of interests in West Palm Beach. Like where to go to get the best shoes, restaurants, famous local interest – put in your direction map from that place to your map address into each article – link them in sequential together ( one to the next and to the next – do not link back)
  4. Write 5 more articles talking about your niches.  What do you think about bail bonds in general? how to find the best bail bondsman? what to ask to weed out the bad guys etc. put your map in each one here to

Once you are done with this boost your pages and posts with links from high authority websites. How does one implement this? By consistently publishing articles on a weekly basis and obtaining high-authority backlinks.

If all of these are overwhelming please order our GMB package – click on the link to sign up –