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Lawyers are a special breed of customer who needs all kinds of marketing channels to make things happen.  Most lawyers opt for pay per click as their primary advertising channel because it is the fastest way to bring more clients to their doorstep.  Other 80 percent opt for Google my business as it is free to register and hassle-less.  The rest of another marketing channel such as cold traffic, hyperlocal marketing, video sales marketing is only employed by a few companies.

It’s time for a change.

Please allow me to give you some broader considerations for your law firm.


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1- Pay per click:  It’s very important to use PPC only because you want customers to call you TODAY.  One thing you may want to pay special attention to and that is retargeting. 96% of visitors who visit your site will not call you or ready to buy the services you offer.   If you don’t have ways to keep contacting them you will lose that customer forever.

Considering PPC for lawyers starts at $30.00 per click up to $200.00 per click every single click counts.  Google provides retargeting however it is limited.  The fact is Google only covers 27 percent of all websites so there are fewer chances your ad will be displaying for your prospective customers.  In addition, Google only uses one banner ad.  After a few times, it will become a sore sight and you won’t get good traction for your ad.  It’s best you investigate our retargeting package.

Online By Andrew is an advertising agency where we have in our portfolio contacts for 97 percent of all websites on the web.  We can get you on ESPN, the Weather Channel, FORBES and more.  We also have in place ways to switch our ad messaging so that ad blindness is a thing of the past.

  • Retargeting:  To study more about how we create ads so that no ad blindness click here to contact us and request our video to send to your email box.  It’s highly educational.
  • Hyperlocal:  Place video ad or banner ad on your competitor’s website.

2- Pay per call.  You want to at least employ pay per call for your outbound marketing efforts.  Pay per call needs some initial time to set up properly however once it is done you can just add more money to your campaign and rinse and repeat.

3- Video marketing.  Another area that can be employed by lawyers marketing is using video to show case your offer.  Unlike other niches where you can say % off for all first visits, with lawyer each ticket item is different.  However each client starts at 5k+.  You can offer free initial consultation but your offer is most likely the same as all others.  The trick of video marketing is the saturation effect.  You can rank on top positions with careful chosen keywords and special method of syndications.  If you can just put out these type of videos once per month you are sure to catch alot more businesses.

4- Google My Business.  Best lawyer’s marketing technique is GMB (Google My Business).  You have to get your firm registers with Google.  It’s free to register.  To keep getting referal from Google you want to post often and you want to rank to get to top 3 of Google My Business.  Google changes the algorithm all the time about this however you want to see your business listed on top 3 of your chosen keywords.

5- Facebook ads.  I list Facebook ads as an added last step.  You want to explore all traffic avenues for your lawyer business.

Last but not least install google analytic on your website and assign values to each of the traffic method. This is the only way to really know which advertising method fits you best.  Site conversion will be the last frontier here. You want to measure this and without google anlaytic you will be shooting in the dark.

There you have it –

Call us for all of your law firm traffic needs. 

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