coconut creek search engine optimization company

Coconut Creek Search Engine Optimization Company

What do you need to know about Coconut Creek Search Engine Optimization Company?

Online By Andrew is a Coconut Creek Search Engine Optimization Company.   We love to help you rank and profit from search engines. 

Here are some free tips you can implement today and optimize your website for better conversions.

1- Check whether your site is penalized. How does one do this?  In addition to Webmaster tools, a free web activity from Google you can find out of your site is penalized by Google by just going to SERP and type in: if you don’t see your main page ( on the first page you may have been penalized. 

A poor hosting service attracts penalties from Google because the search engine hates sites that have inconsistent presence.  Sometimes the best course of actions is to create another site and investigate the current site while ranking the other.

2- Use the right keywords and place them in your H1, H2 tags and meta descriptions .

3- Interlinking is correctly established between pages.

4- Engaging content with each post.  Many marketers will tell you to write longer content  but for me, it’s best to write what you think your readers may want to read.  Don’t try to stretch it for the sake of the count.

5- Go back to your Google webmaster tools and figure out which keyword you want to create the article for.

6- Find all long tail keywords using Google webmaster tools and start writing articles for them.

7- Increase domain authority or trust scores of your site. The higher it is the better you will rank in a long term. Once you reach the level of greatness everything new you post will be ranked sometimes instantly.

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