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6 ways to bring insane traffic to your site

6 ways to bring insane traffic to your site

Are you currently using PPC marketing? Sit tight because this article will enlighten you on how to double your traffic and boost your sale conversions.

Do you agree that advertising is crucial for any type of business big or small ?

If your answer is Yes, please read on …

Truth is, most companies lack a clear understanding of digital marketing. One of the most obvious ways to send traffic to your website often starts with SEO which can take months or PPC which really does require some expertise so you don’t burn a hole on your shirt.

Lately, as well native ads take precedent in the advertising world where you use content to drive traffic that converts in to sales.  This also requires you to know how to write enticing content that draws attention to your ads. 

So, with that said … how do you get traffic to your site in a way that won’t cost you too much money?

In my experience, it’s best to spend 10 percent on traffic cost and get 90 percent on the conversion. In other words, you want to spend only 10 percent of your ad expenses and reap in 90 percent on the return of your investment.

Ok so if you have an online business where do you start?

Here are 6 ways to bring insane traffic to your site:

1- First, you want to optimize your site to rank on autopilot for any content you post on your blog. You want to learn which topic to write and you want to make sure you install Yoast SEO plugin for keyword optimization.

2- Second, you want to extend that initial traffic further by installing retargeting pixel. Doing this ensures your web banners appear on visitors’ web browsers.

3- Third, you want to make your content viral by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4- Fourth, you want to write content weekly.  This is enables you to maintain high rankings.

5- Fifth if you are a local business you want to sign up for Google my business and get publicity within your city.  Successful businesses aim for the top 3 of Google My Business.

6- Sixth, you want to make sure you install all of Google properties such as Google Web Master Tools and Google analytics.  Set up Google analytic on key pages so you know how much traffic conversion you obtain.  4 percent is very good. 2 percent is average. You want to reach either 2 or 4+.  If you’re having zero conversion check for your topic of interests. Does it correspondence to your keyword? You want to hire a professional SEO agency to make sure and optimize your main landing pages such as your index page and your supported pages.


Here’s a very simple fast rule to follow.  Go to Google search bar and type in seed keyword.  Seed keyword is the keyword that describes your niche in general and not includes local city or state or any other adjectives.  Once you key in check for Google snippets – such as under the subsection title “People also ask”.  Write about those topics. Name your post the same as the keyword or check to see how other people do it and do the same.  You can also use related searches at the bottom for your topics to write.

I hope you like our 6 ways to bring insane traffic to your site article.

Summary: In order to double your income with the money you spent on bringing traffic to your site either via PPC, or SEO you want to use retargeting pixel to continue to advertise your brand/product/offer.

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