Digital Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale

So … What does a Digital Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale do?

A digital marketing agency uses all traffic sources available to them to bring traffic to their clients’ websites.  In addition, they analyze how your site converts and implement strategies to keep your content viral.

Here we concentrate primarily on bringing traffic to your businesses.  We also pay very close attention to conversion.  Because of that sometimes we must redo your website if it proves not convert very well.

Digital marketing agency Fort Lauderdale simply implies that we want to have businesses in Fort Lauderdale to contact us.  After digital marketing is not tied to a location but more to the digital aspect of it.

Online by Andrew is a full-blown digital marketing agency in South Florida.


Digital marketing agency uses a variety of white-hat SEO techniques to rank your site on the top 3 of Google. Our goal is ensuring our clients appear on the top three results on Google and Google My Business.


A Digital marketing agency also sets up affiliates system for generating extra traffic.  We use organic methods to acquire real affiliates rather than spending your money on cheap bots. 

Pay Per Click- Pay Per Call

Digital marketing agency should know how to set up pay per click and pay per call campaigns using Google at the very minimum.  They should know how to use negative keywords and also the attributes of keywords to give you a sound pay per click or pay per call campaign. The monitoring system ought to be clear so you can analyze conversion rates on demand. 


Digital marketing agency should also know how to retarget your prospects.  If you pay for PPC and they don’t do retargeting, you lose your investment.  Retargeting allows you to brand your self as well as to be put in front of your buyers as many times as necessary to remind them about you.  Retargeting also allows you to be on sites such as the, CNN, ESPN, etc. with a fraction of the cost if you would put a physical link on their sites.

Online by Andrew has its own retargeting network where it encompasses 97 percent of all websites while Google only covers 27 percent of all websites.  Go here and read more about this service.

Google My Business

Digital marketing agency should know how to rank you on Google my business (google map). The trick here is to make sure your business shows up in more places than just your immediate home store or location.

Social Media Marketing

Here at Online By Andrew, we employ state of the art software which allows us to find the greatest content for your social media and we also attach your offer with each post. For an example. If you sell a widget and you want to display widget offer with each of the content posted on your social media channel – we can do that.  This technique is not known anywhere at this writing. So it pays to do business with us.  We are on top of our game.

Email marketing

Digital marketing agency should also know how to create a funnel for your business websites.  You should have some kind of offers on your site if you are e-commerce or just sites that sell products.  Create an opt-in page to gather emails and use it to further promote your products or services.  Email marketing also includes creating autoresponder messages designed to capture sales.