6 Marketing Techniques Which one is yours?

There are 6 marketing techniques which one should your company employ?


When it comes to online digital marketing with so many options to choose from which method should you start now to bring immediate traffic to your site.  The answer to this question in itself is general as we need to look at your business, your product or service in detail to give you the best answer.

There are 3 marketing techniques to get immediate traffic and 6 marketing techniques to get residue traffic and we will discuss them in details:

PPC: Pay per click. PPC does not have to be from Google although my personal experience Google does provide the best platform to achieve immediate traffic to your site. Normally it will take a day for setting up your campaign and get the approval from Google to start sending traffic to your offer.  PPC is not an effective marketing platform for e-commerce shopping cart selling a particular item.  It’s best to use the Google store for this purpose. PPC can be generated from social media depends on the type of business you can advertise on Facebook or Instagram.  Bing is good for PPC too and the cost is a little bit cheaper per click.  However, the ROI is not as good as traffic generated from Google.

PAY PER CALL: Pay per call is really good for business owners who can master the art of speaking on the phone. Usually, you need to know how to close the deal and not let the customer gets away once they call. If you have a problem speaking on the phone this is not the best approach.  Pay per call is “generally” cheaper than Pay per click. You may not want to save the phone calls to later study your effectiveness.

AFFILIATES: Affiliates traffic sometimes can be instant. This method is used to bring traffic and leverage traffic from affiliate’s blogs.  The cost can be very good her per conversion. You may need some assistant in setting this up.

SEO: SEO is often taking the longest to get traffic however once it is created it can generate very good income hands off. You will need to add a new article to your site on a regular basis to make it stronger in the long term. You may also need to use social media now and again to also help you gain credibility in the eyes of Google.

EMAIL LEADS: For some products or services this can be tremendously effective.  You are leveraged the traffic from other’s people leads.  You will need to know who you do business with as sometimes list owners tend to inflate the number of subscribers and/or the list is not as warm as you would like.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADS: Facebook and Instagram advertising can be very effective and it can bring good traffic to your products or services.  You will need to know how to install pixel so that it can learn the overall pattern of the people who click on your ads and visit your site.  Without the use of pixels, your campaign is not going to be cost-effective as you would like.  Demographic wise it is best to advertise your business to audiences from 35 to 60 years old on Facebook, 20 to 35 years old on Instagram and Snapchat.

GUEST POSTING: You can find related websites that currently have a great amount of traffic and hire a fantastic writer to write an informative article to place on the site.  You will get residue traffic from the main site by just having an article on there.  You may need to find ways to contact the publisher to get your article published. There are a few ways to do this.  However, in this limited space of this article, we can’t really go into details.

LEADS PROVIDERS: You can also get leads directly from lead providers. They are usually someone who are experts at getting leads and will sell you their “hot” to “warm” leads for a cost.  This can be tremendously effective if you know the lead providers well. Otherwise, you may get leads that are cold or no good and waste your time and money as result.

YOUR OWN LEAD: If you have a website and you do not have a way for people to opt-in to your products or services you’ve wasted a lot of money on the table. You want to create something of great value and give away as an exchange for their email addresses.  Then you want to send informative news about your industry to your leads on a periodical interval.  You want to nurture your list. Old customers can also be added to this list and then you can send coupons or other newsworthy items to this list. 

These 6 marketing techniques are just general tips write us for more details on how to implement them.


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