3 Fastest Traffic Generation Methods

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In Summary, here are 3 fastest ways to get fast traffic to your site.

1- PPC ( pay per click). Google has proven to be the best source of information for Pay per click.  If you use pay per click, you must also employ retargeting to utilize the maximum exposure for your pay per click.  If you don’t, you miss out on a lot of sales.  The rule of 7 states that:  It will take approximately 7 times to get customer’s to notice products.  With PPC, you pay a lot for clicks and if you don’t do retargeting you lose that customer for good.  PPC does not have to be on Google only. It can be used in social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.  Click here to find out more about traffic generations.

2- Pay per call.  Currently, pay per call is more affordable than pay per click. However, according to a recent flux of newbies on a scene, pay per call may be higher. As you know, Google loves to make money for its advertising platform.  In Pay per call, your pay per phone call generates from your ads.  The call is routed directly to the phone number on your website.  If you are not good at closing sales, pay per call may not be your best ad strategies.

3-  Affiliates: Affiliates traffic leverage on affiliates to divert traffic for your offer. You want to place your offer on a website such as offervault.com so that other affiliates can promote your offer for a commission.  You must have an affiliate system in place to properly pay affiliates once they sign up.