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What is SEO and how it works

Here’s our take on what is SEO and how it works!


SEO is short for Search Engines Optimization and how it works is to make your website /page/content fits for a computer to read to rank on the search engines and for human to read to convert from traffic to sales.  Having a beautiful website isn’t enough you have to get traffic.  The best kind of traffic is FREE traffic.  Even it is free you still have to pay SEO professional to make your site visible and ranked by a computer (Google).  Then after traffic is delivered you must make sure your website converts.

What does conversion mean?

Conversion means when traffic is funneling to your website some actions are going to be taken. Actions such as sign up for a new service, buy a product you sell or write something to you.  When traffic sent and no action is taken it means your website isn’t converting.  You must do something to change this ration.

There are a few things you want to take into consideration when you post a blog or design a landing page.  Ask yourself what is it that you want to accomplish? If you want visitors to sign up for your newsletter do you use popup with the best timing possible? Do you answer the burning questions about your products or services that entice the purchase or simply asking for more information? When you design a website it is best to design using color, image, and words to describe what is it that you are selling? Having a goal is essential and making sure you answer the questions using the first paragraph if possible.

Conversion requires Google analytic and Google console to be installed so that further analysis can be made.  This action should be the first one you do when you create your website.  Conversion does not happen overnight but a continuing and tweaking to achieve the best result for your ROI (Return of Investment).

Why ALL BUSINESS must-have SEO?


SEO is a must for all businesses if you want to get good traffic online.  There is another way to get free traffic from Google and that is Google My Business.  You must get your business on there and it’s FREE to register with Google.  There are a few rules you must apply when you create pages and get it ranked on Google My Business.  Keywords used in posts and posts often must be taken into account.  Optimize your image is another thing you can do.  It’s best to hire a professional to take care of these things for you.

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Initially, you may want to use PPC or Social media ads to get customers to your store however you want to set up an amount each month to boost your business via SEO.  Choose companies that help you thrive over time.  Most other SEO companies may send you leads to keep you paying for SEO but SEO isn’t that … it’s an investment for your future.  You want to be better after you hire an SEO company.  Better in terms of site authority.  The higher authority you are the better you will rank. Period.  Of course, each post must be optimized by a professional to create content that speaks volumes to the search engines and visitors alike.

So, in summary, What’s SEO and how it works … is the method to create content that allows Google to understand what your content is all about and thus to rank you higher than others and from that free traffic, you will convert that to sales.

Thank you for reading —