SEO Web Design Key Items You Need To Know 1

SEO Web Design Key Items You Need To Know

What are key items in SEO Web Design you want to learn more?

SEO web design is a web design around search engine optimization (SEO).  Design with SEO in mind requires some careful handling.  The objective of SEO is to make sure search engines’ robot can understand what the page is all about so it can rank that page.

SEO may not take aesthetic beauty into the highest consideration.  Many graphic designers who love to use impressive graphics with very little text may not like SEO web design focus.  SEO needs text to properly demonstrate to a computer robot what is the purpose of its content. SEO web design needs to incorporate text and graphics to satisfy both visitors and robots.

What makes for great SEO web design and development?

When it comes to web designing, there are so many amazing web designers out there. They are able to use their artistic talents to make layouts that are certain to catch the attention of your visitors. Regrettably, some of the best web designers out there missing out on SEO web design factors and how to optimize their beautiful websites for search engines like Google.

Remember one very important point here … and that is the computer bot does not understand the aesthetic beauty of a website. It only visits the site to see what it is and then ranks it. Ask yourself this question. If there are millions of websites why and how the bot knows to rank for its #1 position.

What does the bot need to know?

To answer this question is your key to ranking in a nutshell.


No matter how beautiful and appealing your internet site is if it’s not indexed by the significant search engines such as Google, the visitors it receives are going to be minimal.

Once you understand the importance of organic search results that knowledge should be built into the final phase of the web design.

User Engagement

As a general rule of thumb, if the design of a website makes it effortless for the human visitors to navigate, it will also be relatively easy for search engine spiders to get, crawl and index your website.

Making your site user (and search engine) friendly which excludes Flash in its entirety or minimizes Javascript to load faster is the best way to design a functioning website.

By designing with users and search engines in mind, you can make sure that your people and the search engines will be happy with your web site.


While we are on the topic of web design let’s not forget about the responsive factors for your website. Your site must look great on all devices which include desktop, mobile, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

A positive user experience is something you should always keep in mind when designing your website.

Alt Tag

Some web designers are exceptionally creative people and often use high-resolution images to make a point with very little text. For a website to rank on Google the bot needs to understand what your site is all about.

If you are going to use images then you need to add ‘alt tag’ to each one. Generally, a website will rank better and convert better if there is more text to explain what the site is all about.

A poorly design website in both SEO and aesthetic looking can bring no visitors and conversion to site owners.

With a website that is designed without the input of a search engine optimization professional, it may look great but it can be slow in loading, and thus search engine results in a lower ranking.

Social Media

When developing a web site navigation and general layout, it’s imperative to keep the master guidelines of search engines like Google in your mind.

There should not be any nuances on your website that designs to trick the search engine to give you a higher ranking.

Social proof such as Social Media Marketing should also be part of website development.

Today content management system such as WordPress is one of the most widely used and easiest to create websites that rank.

On-Page SEO

Last but not least is the on-page SEO factor. SEO factor for the page is one of the most important tasks any webmaster should adhere to. All meta tags should be in place. There should only be 1 H1 tag, then H2 and H3, and so on.  An internal linking structure needs to be implemented. You don’t want to have any orphan pages. It should all go back to the main page.

To bring immediate traffic to a new site you may want to think about PPC Seo Strategies. Use PPC to find keywords that people use to find you and incorporate them into the SEO web design of your website. If you send 100 people to your site and nobody buys it is time to tweak more to get better conversion.

There are many websites that can teach you a lot of new techniques when it comes to web design and ranking. One of which is Search Engine Land or Online By Andrew. Make sure you bookmark both and visit often. We’re one of the experts in SEO web design.

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