marketing agencies in south florida

Marketing Agencies in Florida

The Role of Marketing Agencies In Florida

The role of marketing agencies in Florida and most other locations are very similar.  Marketing plays an important role in any company’s survival.  Marketing is different than advertising.  Marketing is an umbrella of services such as branding and public image and other public ways of creating awareness to your audience.  Advertising is a subset of marketing and it’s more into sending out individual offers to the world.  Marketing is a road map and advertising is one of the actions on the map.

Like many other services online there are hundreds of marketing agencies in Florida.  As a new business owner, how can you make the decision with whom to hire?

First, you want to decide what you’d like to accomplish. Is it more quality leads,  site visitors, or better visibility on search engines?  After listing down your needs, you’ll step out to look for an agency with the necessary capacity and experience.  

All businesses need customers and some owners are so good at working their business but not very good at sales.  You have to get into a habit of getting sales and do it every day.  If your company is a startup and you have money finding the best salespeople would be an item in your marketing strategies.

Effective Sales Strategies

An effective sales strategy may contain one or all of these followings advertising channels:

  1. Outbound Efforts for Inbound Leads
  2. Cold calls or Emails
  3. Advertising PPC Google and Social Media – depends on demographics data you will decide which route to take
  4. SEO
  5. GMB (Google My Business) for local businesses

Now we’re going to talk about  …

  • Outbound Efforts for Inbound Leads:

This involves gathering email addresses and sending out cold pitches to potential customers.

  • Cold calls or Emails:

From this list of names and phone numbers you may want to send cold emails (you may want to experiment with subjects and titles to get the most open rate), cold calls, or hire someone to do the sales prospecting for you.  This task is very important and you must do this daily to achieve an optimum result.  If you have any problem creating outbound campaign please contact one of our specialists in this area. We can help you by creating email sequences and sales materials to accomplish the tasks.

  • PPC Google or Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linked In)

The fastest way to receive instant traffic is to pay for PPC (pay per click) with Google.  Local niches are done best with Facebook because it has a huge database with all kinds of demographics. You’ll also find consumer-related data that you may need to craft a perfect audience for your ads.

  • SEO

This task can be done alone or combined with other marketing techniques.  Many people mistakenly think SEO is dead.  In reality, it is far from dead if you do it correctly. 

Online By Andrew found a loophole in Google ranking algorithm and it allows us to achieve top rankings for different budget sizes.  We can start your budget at $500 a month and still accomplish plenty of important SEO goals.  However, one caveat is you must do our technique at a minimum of 6 months.  No short cut can do.  We only employ white hat using content and special ranking strategy we found based on survival on many different Google animal updates.

  • GMB Google My Business

If you are a local business you MUST take advantage of Google My Business listing.  This is where we excel.  We can help you get more traffic to your map based on our affiliation with several Facebook groups and learn all about their secrets ranking.  There are definitely methods to do so.  In some cases even if you are NOT on top three we do find ways to bring extra traffic to your online business.

In summary, unlike those big advertising agencies, our company deals mostly with online advertising and marketing methods.  We employ everything to bring one thing to your business and that is making your phone ring every day with hot leads.  We have all kind of budgets to get you started.  Our vertical markets are law firms and startups.  You may think this seems contradictory to each other.  On the contrary, we can only because we found this loophole.  Depending on each client we will tailor our approach to fit their budgets. 

One final word of advice here.  Whichever method you want to employ do not give up.