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How affordable SEO agency is Online By Andrew?

SEO is constantly evolving to keep up with Google’s page rank system. I was on that first wave when Google announced its search engines to the world. What I like the most about Google is its search results are top notch. It gave me relevant information on websites I do want to visit for the keyword I type into the search engine bar.

In order to understand how this giant machine called Google operates first, you want to understand how a machine really thinks. A search engine depends on various factors to grant a site that elusive first position. It has a huge database where it ranks a page of a site based on the percent of match text on the title tag, meta description tag, image tag, site content and last but not least site authority and links. The more links this computer can find about your site the better it will rank you. It has been known that Google experimented on ranking sites without any links history and it has been a disaster with an unexpected result. So the bot gets to work and each day it travels to various sites millions of them and tabulates all the scores to finally picking a winner.

The method which Google used to calculate its ranking result has never been leaked to the public. SEO professionals would do the best guessing jobs to help rank their client’s websites. That’s why bad SEO agencies can really hurt local businesses by charging them outrageous monthly fees.

How does it work?

The first thing is to find out how you want to be found on Google? For the sake of this article, I will pick a niche and you just replace niche keyword with your keyword.

The niche we select to be used throughout this article is massage spa and it is located in Coconut Creek.

The type of key phrases people may type into the search engines to find you are massage therapist Coconut Creek. You’ll want to put this exact term on your web page nearer to the first block of text, title tag, meta description tag. You also want to link back to your main category if you have it for the massage therapist category. Let’s say your massage spa has different services. You want to link up your individual post with its correspondence category. If there is no category link back to the home page.

If you have a relevant image you want to also put on your this page. Remember Google ranks a page and not an entire site. With each image, you want to add alt tag with the same key phrase: massage therapist Coconut Creek.

You may also want to add the video you create for this term – make sure you put the same key phrase massage therapist Coconut Creek as your video title and embed video inside this page. This is not mandatory just good SEO practice.

Once you are happy with the content for this page, you want to now begin to jump start this content.

So let’s try to answer this question: How affordable SEO agency is Online By Andrew? The entire SEO technique consists of placing valuable and well-optimized content on our client website with regularly scheduled posts, internal link and then boost the post. Because we may have found a way to boost our client’s content we never need to acquire valuable links until much later in the SEO process. We pass on the saving to you.

Once the site has a number of valuable content we will add authority links to the site and boost its authority present to a much higher standard thus enables it to begin to rank very quickly on its own with any new materials to be added.

To make SEO agency affordable all SEO processes must be somewhat automated with the exception of on-page optimization and content optimization.