youtube video

How to rank Youtube Video

Here’s my shortcut on how to rank youtube video!

1- Before uploading, you want to name your video with the keyword as filename

2- Put keyword on your YouTube title

3- Put the keyword in your description – and put related keywords too in the description further down

4- Create a page on your site – with the same keyword and embedded that video in there 

5- Embed the same video inside high domain authority webs 2.0

6- Put your video link inside all social media channels

The key to rank  in 2018 is content and viral that content. If you spend 30 minutes a day writing articles for your site, get them ranking fast by interlinking them with your most frequently visited pages. 

You also want to make sure your site has authority.

And this is not really mentioned anywhere. 

This has happened to my client’s sites where I added a lot of content.  Yeah, I hired writers to produce content but the site is still lagging behind.  Up to this day which is almost a year later I could not get my client’s site out of it. So here is my cautionary tale to tell you.  Write content and don’t do it in an unusual fashion. Do it normally.  If you hire a writer and although you have 10 articles already written don’t post all 10 at one shot- Schedule your posts every 2 days or randomly.

How to make your site becomes an authority? You have to get links from an authority site

I do get links from sites that have 30+ trust scores and at least 30 Moz domain authority level.  You want to have at least 5 of those links so get busy. Write fantastic guest posts and source for good backlinks.  Yes, I suggest you buy links only because webmasters today know the values of their sites and they do want to charge you money to place links.  Also, you want to hire exceptional great writers and write a masterpiece for them free of charge. Either way, you will have to spend some money.  For trust scores authority I use