What's the fastest way to get traffic to a new site? 1

What’s the fastest way to get traffic to a new site?

The fastest way to get traffic to a brand spanking new website is PAID TRAFFIC.

Many people feel hesitant towards paid traffic, however, in reality, paying for traffic is the shortest way to make money fast. Like they said if you have to fail, then fail really early and hard.  When you have to pay for traffic you get to learn the best keywords for your target market much sooner. PPC Marketing is the best way of analyzing your site’s conversion rates because you can check your metrics based on every 100 visitors. 

Paid traffic often receives unfair criticism.  However, if you make money with paid traffic do you care how much money you spend?  Let’s say you spend $1,000 to boost traffic to your site then make $2,000 after a month. That’s a great investment, isn’t it?

Paid Traffic helps you to determine your site’s conversion rate:  How good are your landing pages?  If you don’t have a reliable way of measuring conversion rates, then it’s time to sign up for paid traffic.

Sometimes just a little tweak in the image or header or how fast a site loads can spell successes or failures.  I would highly recommend you pay for traffic when you are brand spanking new.

Conversion is a totally different animal than traffic.  Traffic is actually very easy.  You can get traffic from anywhere.  Conversion takes time to measure and to take necessary actions to turn your site around if it is not already converted.   So even before you pay for your SEO,  install google analytics and use it to analyze visitors’ behavior .  Do they come and mingle or leave right away? Do they watch your video or they scan and click exit?  Use paid traffic to learn more about your website.  Numbers do not lie.

The time your visitors spend on your site is also an indication of conversion.  If your bounce rate is 99 percent you are doing something wrong.  However, this depends on which industry you’re in.  Do you provide plumbing or HVAC services? If yes, sometimes users just need to see your phone number and they tab to call. In this industry, it’s OK to have 99 percent bounce rate. 

I would also use cold traffic and drop pixels on my visitors.  Traffic is expensive and truth is, 86 percent of visitors are just window shoppers.  How does one convert a window shopper into a customer?  A potential customer may need to view an advertisement up to 7 times.  Your customers must learn to trust you.  Retargeting is a total MUST for any new and old sites.

You also want to have an opt-in form no matter what kind of business you are in.  Engaging and building relationships are critical for today business successes.  You want to get second chance to prove what you can do for your customers.  So it is crucial to building a lead magnet for your business. 

A lead magnet is a way to retain interest by giving away some very valuable report on how to help your customers in something know they will want or need.  This is how you build relationships.  Be very active on social media.





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