How To Rank Your Website

How To Rank Your Website in 2019

I’ve noticed some trends lately about ranking and the question remains “How to Rank Your Website”. Ranking algorithm has changed a lot since Google becoming a search engine giant.  

When you go online, you’ll come across websites with great content,  easy to read content, all have the right amount of keywords, and , have meta descriptions filled in. Which site do you think Google chooses to be on page 1 and ultimately top 3?

The only answer is “authority”. Sometimes Google determines authority with links and without links. Read on to find out how to make your site becoming an authority website.

Currently, Google is revising the algorithm between no links and/or high trust scores links.  In  2018 most of the sites that appeared on the top 3 had 1 or 2 backlinks.  Google noticed this loophole and wants to implement an algorithm that ranks websites based on highly trusted backlinks.

So it’s safe to say either you use a lot of high trust scores links, preferably you link to the same topical interests or just use internal linking them. Site with high amount of trust scores is considered “authority” in the eyes of google.

One way of impressing Google is making sure each visitor spends at least five minutes on your website.  So having the landing page with videos and content to read comes highly recommended.  Your content does not have to be lengthy as long as it answers critical questions about your business or your services.

If you’re using WordPress , ensure your articles link to the pillar posts.  Internal linking enables you to pass juice to newly published content making it easier to rank. 

When you’re setting up a new website? You need a list of topics. For each topic, you want to create a category. Next step is creating pages that link to your categories. Category links to the home page.  Page link to the category. Post links to Page.

Ranking by content takes at least 3 to 6 months. However, there are many ways to bring traffic to a site.  For instance, cold traffic. Here’s the page to sign up and learn more about how to get cold traffic to your business. 

Another amazing way to get very cheap traffic at least at this writing is using hyper-local targeting. 

What’s hyper-local targeting?

You target places of interests based on addresses instead of keywords.  For an example.  You can bring very targeted traffic to a bail bonds place if you target courthouse or addresses of all bail bonds businesses near the courthouse or even in the city near you.

So the next question is – If everybody is doing this and they can name it differently – the term now is – geofencing – ok then how do you choose whom should you hire? Your checklist should include CPM costs, ad quality in terms of visuals, and conversion rates. Another question to ask is – how many different ads get rotated? If only one ad set you may want to look elsewhere.

Online By Andrew offers display ads via geo-fencing – retargeting – and hyperlocal targeting. We split test ads always then pick the best ad to display.  Our hyperlocal targeting includes serving ads by geographic distance, by specific URL or by interests.  So you are covered in any case.

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