Rank top 3 on Google map!

how to rank top 3 on google map

How to rank top 3 on Google Map?

In the past, it was a little bit easier to rank by just putting keywords inside the business name.  However, today particularly in the personal injury lawyer business you can’t put any keyword inside your business name.

Also if you share an office with other lawyers you want to add Suite A, B, C or just a number. Google can only rank unique office addresses. So if you share an office with other lawyers and even if they are not in the same field as you, it is best that you add suite number to your map address to prevent filtering.

So, how easy is it to rank top 3 on Google Map?

Basically the advice on how to rank among the top 3 on Google map as at the time of this writing which is on 06/14/2018, you will need your citations – spy on your competitors and find the best number of citations- you will need to optimize your business name – in such a way that Google won’t flag you for spamming the map – you will need to embed your map in as many places as you can and on your website itself you should optimize the same as your map listing.  What this means is whatever you put on your map you should do the same for your website.  The same goes for your title tag and citations information.  One more important mention – when you look for citations, look for those that allow you to put in your full address, phone, and URL where possible.

As a matter of fact, I would do citations after I sent in the map. DO NOT MAKE CHANGES after you verify your business.

On top 3 of Google without doing any work …

Next, you need reviews.  You may never know how Google operates. One day reviews are not included in the ranking factor, and the next that can change.  In addition, reviews help you beat your competitor.

You need to examine everything I write in this article because Google is changing the rules often.  They themselves do not know exactly what makes  GMB work the best.  Case in point. For personal injury attorney, there are few different niches built into one.  Such as accident attorney, workers compensation attorney, slip and fall attorney, truck accident attorney etc. So according to this writing, I see that Google decides to display auto accident attorney by going through their reviews and if they have the term ” auto accident” their map is listed.  You can test this theory out by going to map.google.com and type in auto accident attorney in Atlanta for example and you can clearly see almost every single map listed have the key phrase “auto accident”.  So, Google does not know exactly how to present the map.  They tweak their own algorithms.

Although I am ranking maps for a living, I want to say to you, don’t worry so much about ranking 🙂 but do worry about doing all the right things and the ranking will take care of itself.

1- Make sure you embed your map for every chance you get

2- Make sure you have all 5-star reviews and make sure your reviews are written in detail about their experience with you.

3- Make sure your map has a business name, address, phone numbers, URL matches all of the citations you create.

4-  Make sure you fill in every single detail on your map account

the rest … let it go. you can’t really control it.  Google will do what it does best to make money for itself.

Recently I went to the Google GMB forum and asked a question- and sure enough, the ink hadn’t dried yet and someone already filtered out my client’s map. So when you go on there – unless you want Google to know who you are it is best to use a Gmail account that has no map accounts on it.  You never can measure how ugly people can be, and those who reside on the forums probably love to give you a lesson per se. They feel  like they are the police patrolling the neighborhood hoping to catch the bad guy.  I can’t say all the bad things about all of them.  Some of the people there are nice and mind their own business and actually do help people genuinely.

One thing I want to emphasize and this is it – when you read advice about ranking written within the span of one year, the advice may be appropriate. Some things are just timeless and will apply to all seasons but with Google ranking, they themselves have no idea what they are going to do next. They are testing all the time and so are we too. SEO is one of the jobs that provide endless fascinating if you have the stomach for it.  I for one love it only because you start to think like a machine and try to beat a machine. What it means is no matter what you do sometimes you will fail and this happens to me as well.  It seems on any given day some a-hole decides to give other people a hard time to give us an example … let’s pray that is not going to happen to you.

Thank you for reading as always,