What’s SEO and why you need it?

SEO is really a mystery to most people. After Google is doing its best to discourage SEO it seems harder and harder to rank in the search engines. The truth is – Google needs a good website in its organic listing and if you have a business and you can rank on top 3 of Google ask yourself this question? Would you want to?

The question I believe you should ask is – Why wouldn’t you want to? Because the truth is … If you are not there your competitors will surely be there. So for any kind of business, you will need a decent, ethical SEO company to provide SEO service to your business.

SEO is a process of making your website acceptable to a machine. Google isn’t run by a human although to punish SEO professionals they will hire a real-life human editor to check up on sites now and again. One site may deem OK to one but may not OK with others. So still it’s a toss and takes a number situation. 50/50 chances.

As with any machine you have to build in a site enough information so that “the machine” can understand what your site is all about and list you according to SEO algorithm Google is created. This algorithm is sometimes deliberately misled by Google to make you confuse and thus to deter you from trying to rank sites at all. What it really wants is for you to spend money to buy PPC ads. That where sustains Google.

There are so many factors which make a site rank or fall in the search engine. If you have duplicated content (not that you are a thief) but someone stole your content and kaput you are on the 100th pages. So whatever you need to do the first and the foremost important thing is to make your site “legitimate” in the eyes of the robot. You also have to optimize and interlink them in a fashion that is not confusing yes confusing to a multi-dimensional machine like Google. So hiring an SEO professional who has ethic is the first step.

How much SEO service should cost?It’s totally depended on whom you call and the scope of the project. The very basic fee in my humble opinion must be at a minimum of $750.00 a month. You can’t pay lesser than that and expect to have a real bonafide professional to work on it. Everything is expensive and acquire an awesome link will cost no matter who you are and where you are.

How to hire the best SEO company? I don’t want to be biased about this but hiring us is one of the best decisions you could have made in regards to SEO. However, there are few of my observations. If an SEO person tells you he can rank you without buying links he is lying or he does not know what he is doing. There is no way you can beat the best and the most competitive keywords w/o good links. Good links can be acquired by writing posts as a guest post or exchange with doing other services to have links. Either way, it is a form of “buying” or “exchanging”. Sometimes SEO professional can do his/her due diligence and study competitors link profile and mimic them. Either way, they have to be good.

If a person can’t or don’t know how to create Google search console/webmaster tools he is not legit. If a person does not know how to use google analytics to measure the conversion of your site he is not in business long enough. Maybe he is an OK SEO professional.

How long does it take to rank a brand new site?Now a day it will take between 4 to 6 months and in some niches, it can take longer.

Is there a poor man way to get traffic without SEO?Yes and the result can take up to a year. What you must do is to create content every week and upload to your site. At the very minimum, it must link to a page or home page that contains the keyword you want to rank. Don’t always use the same anchor text. Vary them for every 5 posts is best practice. Just be natural. Then you must seek out sites that you can place your site URL into them. Seek out sites that give you links for free. You can do this by just blogging and exchange favors. If you can do something for them to get links you want to do it. The more links you acquire the more authority your site will become. Viral your URL now and again by posting on twitter, facebook, Instagram etc. Get on Google my business map. Disclaimer (today it requires some efforts to be ranked on the map too for surrounding areas or cities) as there are so many businesses want a piece of the pie so you may not just rank instantly. for your peace of mind, at the very least you are found where you are … so get on the map.

Good luck with your business. Write us for more information.