Result Based SEO

Today result based SEO takes time.  New websites take 8 months to a year and older sites take 6 months to see the result.  Online By Andrew uses content to boost our customer’s ranking and our result based SEO is all about authority.  Many SEO companies opt for getting links and/or buying facebook ads to keep clients happy.  If you should pay for monthly service and it’s $1000 and up you want to make sure they don’t send you leads to keep you happy and neglect to help you improve your business by making sure your websites built to last.

Many businesses usually are happy to get leads sending to them because leads are money.  However when you pay for result based SEO services you want to make sure the SEO company takes great care of your website and makes sure over time your website is stronger every day.  Many SEO companies also buying links and more often than not they are not permanent thus when a contract is ended you often see a lot of deletes links inside your traffic report.  These are not good signs with Google.  Although deleted links often last few months after they were deleted still you do not wish to see this happens to you.  A very good and ethical company will make sure your site is getting stronger and not weaker and when a contract is ended you will find it is in better shape than when it started.

At Online By Andrew, we are proud to say we do take care of our clients and their sites are often found better than when we started.  We don’t charge our clients an arm and a leg because ranking today requires patient and time and we communicate this very clearly to our customers.  If you value the life of your business you want to allow ethical SEO companies to do their job.

Having said all of these sometimes what you really need is lead and more lead.  Whatever it is you want to think carefully and form an objective in your mind.  What do you really want? Is it to always buying leads or long term ranking success and to be independent? Let me the first to inform you with SEO you need to establish authority to stay in the game very long.  You need to persevere and allow us to help you get there.  Authority isn’t established overnight as you know this already.  Anything manipulative isn’t looked upon as real authority. It’s a force upon.  So in order to be independent, you have to act and feel like the best sites out there.  You can’t do anything halfway.  So it does take time.

Currently, we offer a very special result based SEO package.  We have found a golden ranking rail of all SEO. So we like to pass it on to you our readers and our subscribers.  Signup now for as low as $199 per month to get the real SEO service for your business.  This is very affordable and it can do two things for you.  It will get your site becoming the authority in the eyes of Google and then it gets you rank for all of your keywords.  For old websites it may take 6 months to see ranking and for new sites expect 8 to 12 months.  Google Analytics will be installed for each new order as well as the monthly report using Google data studio.  You may not know what Google data studio is but you will only need to know that it comes from Google with abilities to extract data in more meaningful ways than the traditional report.