How to fix a suspended Google My Business listing

Here’s how to fix a suspended Google My Business listing…

If I knew this sooner, then I would have done this for one of our major accounts. Going through Google channel is nightmarish and sometimes you’ll encounter stubborn people on the other end of the phone.  However, some are really cool and try hard to help you. 

Read the entire article FIRST and then decide on what to do.

Ok, when you see the red flag inside your Google my business – and it says ‘suspended’ the first thing is going to Check to see if your map still there.


If your map is still there,  that’s a soft suspension. Then you want to do this as soon as possible. Create a new Gmail account and then reverify. Make sure you have the phone number where Google can dial you and verify you. It takes only a few minutes and you are back. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH YOUR MAP AGAIN AFTER THIS.

In order to be qualified to be listed, you have to have an office with a physical address and it has to have at least an employee in it during the working hours.

Once you get reverified  go back to Google Maps and search for any other locations that were either virtual or invalid. Delete or mark all of them closed.If you share an office with another person you need to add “suite #” to your address. And make sure you update the map when reverifying.

You also want to take pictures of your front building that has your business name on it- either on the wall or with the sign. Then you need to take pictures of your lobby and your offices. Preferably your lobby has a sign on the wall indicating it is indeed your office. Take as many pictures as you can to boost your credibility.


When you got a hard suspension it means you could not find your map anywhere. Then you have to appeal.


Only result to this if you can’t get anything to work. They have a Facebook group and Twitter group to help businesses with their maps.


Others Google helpful websites:


You can call during the office hours – 9am to 5pm– Eastern 1-844-491-9665


In some situations, you’ll need to get rid of bots managing your Google My Business accounts.

Good luck to you my friend