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Coconut Creek SEO Why Should You Hire Us?

Best Coconut Creek SEO company

Best Coconut Creek SEO company

Online by Andrew is a legitimate Coconut Creek SEO company and we are more than just an SEO company. We are a heart leads provider and we help bring traffic and sales to your business.

As a lead provider, we use all the available traffic strategies to help businesses achieve sustainability with constant streams of customers.  We also look at your reputation online because your 5-star reviews online is the reputation you want to acquire.

It’s easy to get 2, 3 or even 10 5-star reviews but your aim should be 100 flawless reviews. Technology can help you with this by emphasizing more on the 5-star reviews and leaving out the bad reviews. We can delve into that when you schedule a free phone call with our reputation specialist.  No worries about getting anything shady here … everything is in the art of arranging.

Now let’s chat about SEO AKA Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an art and I am an SEO art lover.  It’s hard to narrow down what we do to achieve top ranking on Google. We do many things to make sure you rank top 3 and maintain top 3. If your business is not on the top 3, you hardly make money. It’s simple as that.

Now with so much competition for organic ranking and even if your business ranks among the top 3 on Google search results, you are still like #7 or #8.  I recommend that you spend your money on PPC (pay per click) or invest your money in Google My Business. If you want to learn more about how to rank top 3 on Google my business, click here.

SEO is now a long-term investment and you want to make sure you have strategized your content over time. Each week you must write a new article, and not just any article it must be written for your visitors and offer something of great value.  You don’t have to make it very long 500 words is good enough. You can use a tool such as to find similar interest keywords or to find more topics.  Install Yoast SEO to help you make sure your content will rank, and ensure you get a Yoast green light.

You can also benefit from having great backlinks. I only want to place links where the website has great trust scores. Trust scores which I use are generated from reports such as It must have 40 ts (trust scores) and more. I can settle for 25 ts as a minimum.  So, you can get these awesome backlinks by buying them or providing great content so the owner will be highly likely to send you a link.

Last but not least you should ensure that all your content links out to a page that has the highest potential among all of the pages on your site.  Do not write an article without linking it out.

If you do this repeatedly, you can take care of SEO without the help of Coconut Creek SEO company. However, I recommend you allow us to set it up for you and you can follow the step by step instructions. I totally believe in professionalism and being a specialist. We are all born with unique gifts and talents. I would not try to conduct brain surgery and so you will need to hire us to help you with ranking. It’s faster and it works.

Having said that, I also recommend that you spend time acquiring more customers for your business and let the ranking rest on my shoulders. I know what I am doing, and I can rank you without any problem.