best seo company in new york

Best SEO Company In New York

Who is the “Best SEO Company in New York” is something all New York’s companies may ask themselves when they want to find the best SEO company to help them with their site ranking.  When it comes to SEO it is not a black and white decision to know and choose who is the best.  One of the ways is to see how they rank their own websites or their customers.  Another way is to see if they have had any experiences in ranking sites similar to yours.

There are two types of rankings. One is ranking for normal business websites and one is ranking for e-commerce websites.  Both types of websites require different SEO handling protocol. Basically, with Online by Andrew, we rank the same for all type of websites.  We rank page by page, product by product and not the entire site.  Inner product/pages linking are important for us and we spend the majority of our time to make sure we set everything up correctly and that including descriptions that are written to rank as well as getting clicks.  Of course, we will require Google analytic to be installed on each website, each order page and each landing page that are important to our clients.  The only way to know if our ranking brings fruitful results for our clients is to test it.

Google ranking is mostly about how well your products are received by your customers.  Reviews are important for your brand and individual products.  Products virality are important so we spend a lot of our times to make sure your site links are showed up as many places as possible.  Your site authority is also important.  The higher DA you are the better you will rank.  The ranking should only be half of the story but the conversion of your site should be the priority.  What is the use of ranking YOUR SITE and paying the most money for the SEO company yet when traffic comes nobody buys?

Online by Andrew pays attention mostly about the content we use for ranking your website.  Content is our way of ranking even for e-commerce products.  Digital marketing in the 21st century is not always about digital ads but also the stories associated with your brand or your products.  You want to use content to spread far and wide the old age question as to why people should buy your products!  The more detail of your story is better.

So how you can you select the best SEO company in New York?  You want to speak with the SEO person and see if you like their personality.  Secondly, you want to see how they rank other people websites.  Third, you want to know if the content is something they are using to rank your site. Please know this content ranking is taking time and you are looking for 6 months to a year to really bring your site to the best competitive placement on the search engines.

Whoever you are deciding to be the SEO person you want to give your SEO company a chance to help you rank.  Overnight ranking isn’t possible in this day and age.  Google won’t allow it.  You want to invest time and money on ranking procedures that help your site to mature and ultimately brings your site to the forefront of the competitors.  Check your DA and trust scores monthly and make sure they are always improving.  Content must be added regularly and the tone of each must reflect the culture of the entire brand.  You will also want to invest in social media and newsletter to further educate your customers on why they should invest their hard earned money to buy your products or services.

We hope you enjoy our article and we hope to see you again soon.

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