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How Digital Marketing Changes in 2019

Digital marketing in 2019 is no longer just a bunch of digital ads used to promote your products but combinations of digital ads, email,  get-in-touch campaigns designed to address a specific group of audiences demonstrating facts of how your product makes your customers feel when they use it. Thus educate consumers should be the company’s priority in addition to normal marketing activities.

The idea to educate consumers and show them that by using the product it will blend and create harmony for both mind, body and spirit.   This does sound much like promoting a brand, does it? However, it is more than just promoting a brand.  A  company should create highly robust digital marketing for all of its products.

Grassroots movements in how consumers buy today are not only happening in the social spheres but also reflects in the way we as consumers make the decision to choose one product versus another.   We want to associate ourselves with products of values and from a company, we can identify with and trust.  Our lifestyles must reflect the way we choose whom we want to give our money too.  Today it is no longer just a brand but what is standing behind the brand? What are the company belief and values when it comes to its existence?  Does the company care about the environment? Does the company care about provide substantial values to our lives?

Promotion for your product could no longer be determined only by the product description.  It should address the benefit of using that product.  Does it bring joy when we wear it? Does it benefit us in any way?

Here are a few ways to saturate the social scene with your personal product messages and a new way of digital marketing in 2019.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the main platforms for supporting ‘brand’ personality.  You can use email to communicate and tell stories about your brand and your product and you must do it often.  Many companies just do not know how to collect email addresses and don’t know how to use that platform to get to know their customers and provide awesome information to help benefit customer’s lives.

Celebrity Endorsement

Select the right celebrity endorsement is crucial for the success of your new digital marketing of the new millennium.  Celebrity personality must match the direction of your brand and it must speak the same language.  Celebrity statement must match the direction you want your audiences to follow.  For example, if you advocate saving the animals then you must select one that has done animal savings before.  Another important distinction is you want to pick a little bit less popular celebrity and pick more than one.  Celebrity endorsement can be your ticket to instant success for your product.

Youtube Videos

Use videos to demonstrate how best use your products.  Select the appropriate spoke person for your video. Don’t skip this process as videos can viral far and wide.  Select other videos channels that closely match your product/brand image and pay them to speak about your products to their followers.  Some will even allow you to place your videos on their channel.  This technique is amazingly effective.  Youtubers do have ways to get into the matter fast and one endorsement from them can make a huge difference in your marketing campaign.


Similar to Youtube channels you want to use Instagram to further telling more stories about your product.  The personal approach is best.  Pay Instagram popular channel to endorse your products.


Create and maintain the Facebook business page for your brand.  Post often and tell stories associated with your product.  Post testimonials on your Facebook page. Show people how others feel when they use the products.  Associate your products with positive and uplifting messages. Place this link all over the social media channels. Put it inside the description for all of your Youtube videos. Cross-posting and do it often.


This method is only good when you have a storefront business.  You can send related stories about a particular promotion particularly if there is an emotional element attached to that product.  As a rule, you’ll always want to include a story about each of your product where you can.  Testimonials if you have is also good.  The detail product description is needed however words from others particularly how your product makes them feel is the best.







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