local SEO Fort Lauderdale

Local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL

Ranking tips for Local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL When you want to rank for Local SEO Fort Lauderdale FL you will encounter several tops of the chain Local SEO companies.  So how do you beat them?  There are few ways to beat them however in this article we will only pay attention to just a couple. Do you know how many …

How To Create A Best Conversion Ad

This article will help you answer the question “How to Create The Best Conversion Ad”. Advertising is a  strange animal because you’re dealing with people and emotions.  Sometimes it’s easy to duplicate success by repeating a previous strategy.  However, the same ad might work great for one market disaster for another.  The rule of thumb for all direct advertising is …

How To Rank Your Website 1

How To Rank Your Website

How To Rank Your Website in 2019 I’ve noticed some trends lately about ranking and the question remains “How to Rank Your Website”. Ranking algorithm has changed a lot since Google becoming a search engine giant.   When you go online, you’ll come across websites with great content,  easy to read content, all have the right amount of keywords, and , have …

Internet Marketing as Passive Income

A while ago I posted an article in one of the busiest forums about what I thought as the correct way of earning passive income. Which is, building new websites from ground up, then getting them to rank highly and market hot products or services. Top ranking site owners invest their money in publishing relevant content consistently. If you’re planning to …

How to fix a suspended Google My Business listing 2

How to fix a suspended Google My Business listing

Here’s how to fix a suspended Google My Business listing… If I knew this sooner, then I would have done this for one of our major accounts. Going through Google channel is nightmarish and sometimes you’ll encounter stubborn people on the other end of the phone.  However, some are really cool and try hard to help you.  Read the entire …

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Social Media Marketing The Right Way!

Here’s Our Take on Social Media Marketing! Social media marketing has changed the way we build relationships.  A few years back, I did not feel the need to nurture the relationship and often went straight to the sales funnels.  Sometimes it worked and other times it flopped. Here’s how I set up my social media accounts. 80 percent of my …

What's the fastest way to get traffic to a new site? 3

What’s the fastest way to get traffic to a new site?

The fastest way to get traffic to a brand spanking new website is PAID TRAFFIC. Many people feel hesitant towards paid traffic, however, in reality, paying for traffic is the shortest way to make money fast. Like they said if you have to fail, then fail really early and hard.  When you have to pay for traffic you get to …

youtube video

How to rank Youtube Video

Here’s my shortcut on how to rank youtube video! 1- Before uploading, you want to name your video with the keyword as filename 2- Put keyword on your YouTube title 3- Put the keyword in your description – and put related keywords too in the description further down 4- Create a page on your site – with the same keyword …

top 3 on google

How To Be Safe In Your Ranking Activities

In the SEO realm, people often ask,  “are you doing anything gray or black hat? When I ask what they consider as a gray or black hat? My prospective customers tell me things like linking out to a bad neighborhood or buying links. According to Google TOS, anything you purchase in an effort to gain higher ranking is black hat.  …

retargeting ad

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an act of dropping a pixel on visitor’s browser in order to display banner ads continuously.  Retargeting is a  must-have for any site engaging in PPC, sell merchandise, offers deals etc.  Marketing research proves that a potential customer may need to engage an advertisement 6-7 times before turning into a customer. That’s why you need retargetting to move …