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Social Media Marketing The Right Way!

Here’s Our Take on Social Media Marketing! Social media marketing has changed the way we build relationships.  A few years back, I did not feel the need to nurture the relationship and often went straight to the sales funnels.  Sometimes it worked and other times it flopped. Here’s how I set up my social media accounts. 80 percent of my …

What’s the fastest way to get traffic to a new site?

The fastest way to get traffic to a brand spanking new website is PAID TRAFFIC. Many people feel hesitant towards paid traffic, however, in reality, paying for traffic is the shortest way to make money fast. Like they said if you have to fail, then fail really early and hard.  When you have to pay for traffic you get to …

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How to rank Youtube Video

Here’s my shortcut on how to rank youtube video! 1- Before uploading, you want to name your video with the keyword as filename 2- Put keyword on your YouTube title 3- Put the keyword in your description – and put related keywords too in the description further down 4- Create a page on your site – with the same keyword …

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How To Be Safe In Your Ranking Activities

In the SEO realm, people often ask,  “are you doing anything gray or black hat? When I ask what they consider as a gray or black hat? My prospective customers tell me things like linking out to a bad neighborhood or buying links. According to Google TOS, anything you purchase in an effort to gain higher ranking is black hat.  …

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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an act of dropping a pixel on visitor’s browser in order to display banner ads continuously.  Retargeting is a  must-have for any site engaging in PPC, sell merchandise, offers deals etc.  Marketing research proves that a potential customer may need to engage an advertisement 6-7 times before turning into a customer. That’s why you need retargetting to move …

What is SEO Analysis?

What Is SEO Analysis? SEO Analysis  focuses on the optimized condition of a website. You need this process for guidance  in terms of on-page optimization, keyword density, and external links status.  SEO analysis may differ from competition analysis where your site is compared against similar sites in terms of niche and provides ways to help you outrank competition in search engines. Here …

Advertising Agency Coconut Creek

Online by Andrew is an advertising agency based in Coconut Creek Florida.  We’re not a traditional advertising agency like those big boy networks which create commercials for major brands such as Verizon Wireless, AT& T and the like.  We’re focused on growing small and medium-size business through attracting high traffic. Global brands like Coca Cola enhance their brand’s awareness through …

Digital Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale

So … What does a Digital Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale do? A digital marketing agency uses all traffic sources available to them to bring traffic to their clients’ websites.  In addition, they analyze how your site converts and implement strategies to keep your content viral. Here we concentrate primarily on bringing traffic to your businesses.  We also pay very close …

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6 ways to bring insane traffic to your site

6 ways to bring insane traffic to your site Are you currently using PPC marketing? Sit tight because this article will enlighten you on how to double your traffic and boost your sale conversions. Do you agree that advertising is crucial for any type of business big or small ? If your answer is Yes, please read on … Truth …

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Pixabay Image 2123473

Epic Display Ads

Display Ads is often used in retargeting or cold traffic type ads. If you pay for PPC (pay per click) but don’t use retargeting pixels shame on you 🙂 What exactly is retargeting pixel? This pixel is dropped when someone visits your website. Then thereafter wherever they go there will some kind of banner ads display reminding them about the …